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What I Wore To NYC World Pride 2019


New York City was filled with all of the colors of the rainbow on June 30 for World Pride. The Pride March was originally started to honor and remember those of the LGBTQ+ communities who we have lost, but as years have gone by it has come to not only celebrate love and tolerance, but the latest fashion trends. Here at Faviana we are all about empowering women to be their best selves and sometimes fashion can help us do that. 

People at World Pride wear a variety of different clothing, colors, glitter and anything else that makes them feel happy and confident. This was my first ever World Pride and I knew that I wanted to go all-out with my look and that is exactly what I did. Whatever you decide to wear to Pride or on a daily basis, just remember feeling confident is key. 

Blank Leotard 

Photo Credit: Amazon

I decided to go with a black leotard for the top half of my outfit. The leotard was form fitting and definitely highlighted all of my curves which I loved. The leotard was long sleeve and was made of spandex material so it was both stretchy and comfortable. The leotard gave me the perfect opportunity to put some glitter on my chest which I thought was great for World Pride. I do have to say, that next time I will likely go for a shorter sleeve leotard. About halfway through the parade, I was extremely hot not only from wearing the color black, but having long sleeve with little breathing room.

Black Skater Skirt 

Photo Credit: Amazon

The skirt was more of a personal choice. I usually don’t wear skirts because I don’t like showing my legs, but I decided that World Pride was the opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone. I wanted to go for an all black look because I really wanted my glitter and rainbow makeup to stand out.

Fishnet Tights

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

My inner emo side came out today with the black fishnet tights that I decided to wear. I had a difficult time putting on the tights because my toes kept getting stuck in the holes. I swear it took me over an hour to get on the tights because it was so confusing! After I finally got the tights on, I felt so cool and chic because I have never worn tights like those before. I think the tights added a little extra spunk to my already black outfit and made me feel super confident!

Rainbow Butterfly Cape

Photo Credit: Party City

Since a majority of my outfit was black, I knew that I had to have some rainbow accessories. I decided to go with a rainbow butterfly cape because I did not want to be basic and wear a rainbow flag cape like everyone else. The butterfly cape was very sheer and lightweight which was perfect for such a hot day. There was a little string that I used to tie it around my neck which was convenient. I wish it came with wrist cuffs so I could have worn the wings on my arms like an actual butterfly. I think that is more of a personal style choice though. The butterfly cape made all of my rainbow fantasies come to life and I don’t think I could have picked a better rainbow accessory. 


Photo Credit: Society19

You can’t go to World Pride without wearing glitter. If you are a guy or a girl, it doesn’t matter. Glitter is for everyone. You can put glitter in your hair, on your eyes, in your beard, on your arms and legs and basically anywhere you want. I used the Tarte glitter gel pot in Pride and it gave me such a glow that I felt like a star. Glitter not only makes me feel confident, but I think it is great for really making a makeup look stand out!

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