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UPDATED June 2019 — What Not to Wear to Graduation


Graduation day is a day to celebrate all you have accomplished in the past years of school- whether it be high school or college. If you haven’t already found your outfit to walk across the stage in, it’s important to think about a few things when making your choice!

We’re here to make your life easier with some tips and tricks on what not to do when putting your graduation outfit together! We want you looking and feeling your absolute  best on this special day.

Keep it Simple

Graduation is a somewhat formal, or semi formal, event. It’s always a must to stay true to your personality, but make sure your outfit is both comfortable and appropriate!

Find a cute dress or skirt that is totally you, and keep your accessories minimal. Faviana Style S10162 is a perfect choice for that. White’s a popular graduation dress color, and having that fitted, jersey material means no hassle the day of!

Avoid flashy colors and embellishment and dresses that will hang below the hem of your gown.

No Crazy Patterns

Many graduation robes are a very thin fabric, so make sure your outfit underneath does not show though! If your gown is white, make sure you also choose your color carefully. Whites or neutral, muted colors are great for the day. Faviana Styles S10179Faviana Style S10162, or Faviana Style S10180 for example, are the perfect choice. Off-shoulder cocktail dresses for graduation are perfect choices if you don’t know what neckline to go with. Avoid anything with a high collar or neckline that will show over your gown.

Walkable Shoes

One of the biggest moments of the ceremony is walking across the stage, so make sure you can walk! Make sure you are comfortable and confident in your shoe choice, and test them thoroughly before the event.

Breaking in your pumps are ESSENTIAL before the day of. Try wearing it to another event prior or just walking around your house in them a few days before.

Flats or sandals are also a good choice for graduation, but if heels are more your style, choose them carefully. We also suggest for chunky or short 1 or 2-inch heels because they’re a lot easier to walk in and less accident-prone!

Simple Hair

Sadly, your graduation cap will upstage whatever hairstyle you may choose. For graduation day find a hairstyle that can withstand hat hair. Most people wear their hair down or in a sleek, low bun. Avoid looks with lots of volume or hairspray, and your look will quickly lose its bounce with your cap on.

Light Makeup

A light, natural look will not only last longer at a hot graduation, but also feel better on your skin when you’ve been sitting outside for hours. If your graduation is outside, there is a chance that you will be sitting in the hot sun for several hours. There is nothing worse than having your makeup melt off from the heat or stress! Also be sure to keep some oil blotting sheets in your body in case, and you could also pack a small mirror to do a touch up before pictures after the ceremony.

We know graduation day can be stressful! Be sure to get everything ready beforehand, remain calm, and take tons of pictures! This is a day you will always want to remember.

Do you have some graduation day tips? What are some looks that are graduation day “do’s”? Let us know your ideas or thoughts by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana & Twitter @FavianaNY.





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