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What to Wear to Graduation


First of all, congratulations for making it this far! I know it wasn’t easy, and now that you’re this close to being free, you’re probably stressing over what to wear when you strut onto that stage and claim your diploma!

I know from personal experience how tough it is deciding on a color, then deciding on the style of the dress, and then on top of that, you might need a more conservative look depending on your school’s requirements or your personal style.

As always, Faviana’s got you on this one, babe. You’re a champion for surviving four years of school, and kudos to you for making some amazing memories along the way. One thing you shouldn’t be doing, is stressing about what to wear. Sit back and relax. I’ve rounded up a few of Faviana’s favorites to make your life just a little bit easier.

For the Classy Ladies

Faviana Style 7850

For the classy girls who want to have a sleek and modest look that is still on trend, I’d definitely suggest going with this beautiful satin dress. Yes, Faviana Style 7850 is simple but that just means more fun with accessories which, as we all know, are essential to completing any look! Whether you decide to dress it up or dress it down, you’ll look and feel your best and we know you’re ready to take on the world ahead of you!

For the Fans of Floral

Faviana Style 10155

In the mood for a more glam, but still elegant look? Go with Faviana Style 10155’s romantic silhouette that’s sure to be flattering for any figure. A beautiful floral bodice with a subtle sparkle? Um, yes please! Off-the-shoulder dresses never disappoint.

Faviana Style 10151
Faviana Style 8070

If you still want the floral bodice but prefer straps, do not worry, girl. There’s Style 10151 if you want thinner straps and Style 8070 if you like the chunkier straps and a deeper cut! Take that gorgeous applique bodice and own it!

Faviana Style 10150

Ok, last floral-themed dress. For nowStyle 10150’s princess-cut dress has the chicest floral embroidery and a lace-up back to adjust to any figure. It’s perfect for a summer graduation, particularly because it comes in dainty pastels, but I personally feel like the white base with a splash of color in the flowers would be an amazing choice to wear to the ceremony, and afterwards!

For the Elegant

Faviana Style 10179

Now, if floral isn’t your thing at all, definitely think about rocking a spunky but equally elegant off-shoulder two-piece like Style S10179. Not only does the jersey material mean extra comfort, but the fact it’s a two piece means easy adjustability in more ways than one. Have plans with your girls after the ceremony is finally over? You can always swap either the top or bottom out and style it accordingly for a more casual vibe!

Luckily, there are no bad colors for graduation ceremonies like there are with weddings or funerals. Yes, you can wear white to your graduation and yes you will still look like the boss babe you are for successfully making it through school. With white dresses you can always get away with wearing a pair of fabulously bold shoes (hello, shoe lovers)!

Delicate touches and details are always important, but don’t forget to embrace your personal style and enjoy yourself! You want to wear a dress that will stand the test of time when you look back on your special day.

Let us know how your special day goes, and what you end up wearing by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana and on Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, follow us on Snapchat @Faviana_NY and subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch up on our latest vlogs.



Written By: Sam Bruno

Edited By: Diego Ledezma

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