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What You Need to Know About Gen Z Yellow


You might know about Millennial pink, but have you heard of Gen Z yellow?

Faviana style S10232 in Buttercream

The iconic Millennial pink took all of our timelines by storm the last few years. From beauty bloggers’ bold eye looks to our own closets, Pantone’s 2016 Color of the Year Rose Quartz was all the rage. The sweet, subtle pink was dubbed Millennial pink the same year it was deemed Color of the Year. The catchy name of the cutesy hue was inspired by the nickname given to the largest generation, Generation Y— also known as the Millennial Generation.

So, let’s run through a few generational facts. The Millennial generation was born roughly between 1981 and 1996, following right behind Generation X and directly before Generation Z. Born between 1995 and 2010, the fresh Generation Z is the little sis to the Millennial generation. Of course, the iconic generation deserves an iconic color of its own— hence Gen Z yellow.

So move over Millennial pink. Gen Z Yellow is here to saturate your Insta feeds instead.

So, What Makes Gen Z Yellow So Iconic?

Following the trend of Millennial pink, the bright and cheery Gen Z yellow started popping up on timelines with a sun-like fury. The color got its name from Haley Nahman of Man Repeller who identified the color as an up-and-coming shade back in 2017. The article described Gen Z yellow as “the natural evolution of millennial pink.” In other words, Nahman theorized that Gen Z yellow was bound to make it big eventually.

Gen Z yellow marks the considerable recognition of the newest generation of young creatives ready to take the world by storm. This luminous hue is hard to miss. Those who embrace Gen Z yellow do so to make a statement. When we think yellow, we think vibrancy, zest, and optimism. And here at Faviana, we are obsessed. (#FavianaYellow, anyone?)

In the world of fashion, loud is trending. We are seeing statement sunglasses in every shape and size, bold pattern mixing, and daring platform shoes dominate. Colors and patterns are bolder and brighter than ever before with the revival of ’80s style, and our new Gen Z yellow obsession fits perfectly into the mix. The time to experiment with fashion and be unapologetically extra is now.

Photo credit: Digital Arts

Mellow Yellow

Now that you’ve discovered your new favorite color, here are a few ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Whether you’re pulling inspiration from the red carpet or going old school by channeling a total Clueless vibe, yellow-themed inspo is everywhere.

When experimenting with Gen Z yellow, don’t be afraid to be bold. It’s totally acceptable to match your separates for a head-to-toe sunflower look. Or, pair a matching yellow top with a skirt to embrace the trend full-on.

Another way to style the hue is to replace your neutral basics with yellow pops of color. If you would usually reach for black leggings or blue jeans to complete your look, try brightening up your ‘fit by switching out your typical essentials for yellow bottoms instead. The attention-grabbing shade may feel over-the-top, but trust us when we tell you that that’s a part of the fun. Try wearing a bright yellow skirt with a cropped graphic tee to jazz up your everyday look.

If you’re not ready to commit to a monochromatic outfit in such a bright color, add on to your outfit with a few on-trend accessories in Gen Z yellow instead. Love chunky hoops, tiny glasses, mini purses? Why not wear them all in yellow?! Don’t be afraid to be matchy-matchy; the former faux pas is on trend this season. 

Photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Make a Makeup Statement

If you think Gen Z yellow is taking the only fashion world by storm, think again. Bold yellow makeup looks are all the rage as well. Vibrant and creative eye looks are changing the way we play with makeup. Take the simplest looks to the next level with the following trending tricks.

Have you perfected your winged liner skills? If so, try your hand at a yellow wing! Pick up a new liner and experiment with this bold trick. You can paint on a classic black wing and swipe a yellow shade above it for a double-cat eye, or you can just swap out your usual black wing for an electric shade. The best part is that you can keep the rest of your makeup super simple because this liner will speak volumes, so there is no need to carve out extra time for your beauty routine. 

Photo credit: She Knows 

Maybe liner isn’t your vibe, but shadow is. Well in that case, grab your favorite yellow shadow and don’t hold back! Statement lids are red hot this season. In fact, we are seeing a lot of eyeliner-less shadow trends where bright lids are the focus. To pull of this high fashion trend, blend your vibrant pigment all the way up to the brow. To complete your beat, keep your lips and cheeks simple with a subtle highlighter and a little gloss. 

Photo credit: Treatwell

The easiest way to show off your newfound love for Gen Z yellow is with a simple nail polish change. Try a simple solid yellow polish, girly ombré design, or a blinged-out statement nail. The options are endless! Grab your girls and treat yourselves to a fresh manicure

Now that you’ve learned about the defining shades of Gen Y and Z, be sure to keep an eye out for the next generation’s iconic color. (Fun fact, the next generation has already been named Generation Alpha!) 

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Sydney & Erica 

Written by Sydney Lenox and Erica Fouts
Edited by Diego Ledezma

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