Finding The Perfect Prom Dress This Season: What Your Prom Dress Color Says About You


Prom is one of the most exciting and memorable events of high school, and choosing the perfect prom dress is a big part of the experience. With so many colors, finding the perfect one for the perfect night can be overwhelming. You may ask questions such as, what vibe do I want to give off? Who am I trying to impress? What color compliments me best? The color of your dress and how you accessorize it plays a significant role in all of this and Faviana offers a wide variety of colors to choose from. Colors can be split into three categories – warm, cool, and neutral. Let’s take a look at the colors that fall into each and discuss what that says about the person who wears it.

Warm Colors – Red, Orange, Yellow

Warm colors, such as red, pink, and yellow, are known for evoking feelings of warmth, energy, and excitement. These colors are often associated with fire, sun, and heat. 

Warm colored prom dresses that will make you even more beautiful

Red is a bold and intense color that is often associated with passion, love, and excitement.  It is a color that symbolizes confidence and strength, making it the perfect choice for a prom dress. When it comes to accessories, red prom dresses pair well with silver or gold jewelry. A pair of silver or gold earrings and a matching necklace will add some shine to your look. A pair of strappy silver or gold heels will also complement your dress perfectly. A prom dress like the Faviana S10508 in Red will certainly get you noticed and convey a confident, passionate and driven personality.

Pink is a mix of red and white, red representing love and white representing purity. The color pink is known for representing love, nurture, and compassion. This combination and love and purity calls for a beautiful dress for a warm, loving soul. You have a kind heart and radiate positive energy. Faviana 11012 in Bubblegum Pink is one of our most gorgeous pink dresses and it will show that you're passionate, loving, and caring. This dress is beautiful, simplistic, and will compliment your figure very well. 

Yellow is associated with happiness, optimism, and cheerfulness, making it a perfect choice for a special occasion such as prom. Accessorizing a yellow prom dress can be a lot of fun. Some popular options include silver or gold jewelry, matching yellow shoes, and a coordinating clutch or handbag. A simple pair of silver or gold heels can add a touch of elegance to the look. A prom like the Faviana 11052 in Light Yellow dress shows you are happy, vivacious, active and a fun person to be around.

Cool Colors – Blue, Green, Purple

Cool colors, such as blue, green, and purple, have a calming and soothing effect on the human eye and mind and they’re often associated with nature, water, and relaxation.

Cool toned dresses to bring out the color in your eyes at prom!

Blue represents the sea, sky, and open spaces. Blue is a very versatile color and can range from the pale blue of a clear sky to the deep blue of the ocean. It is often associated with trust, loyalty, and wisdom. Opt for silver or white gold jewelry to complement the blue dress. A simple necklace or earrings can add just the right amount of sparkle without overwhelming the dress. Blue prom dresses pair well with silver, white or nude shoes. Avoid wearing black shoes as they can clash with the blue dress. A silver or white clutch will complement the dress and add a touch of elegance to the overall look. Consider wearing the Faviana 11054 dress in the color Royal if you want to exude power, freedom, confidence, and control.

Green represents nature, abundance, and wealth. It’s a popular choice among prom-goers looking for a unique and eye-catching look on their big night. This versatile color can range from a soft mint to a deep forest green, offering a wide range of options for any skin tone or personal style. The color green is associated with growth, renewal, and nature, making it a perfect choice for a spring or summer prom. For a more traditional and elegant look, try pairing your dress with gold or pearl jewelry and neutral-colored heels. For a more modern and edgy look, try pairing your dress with silver jewelry and bold, colorful heels. Wearing the Faviana 11011 dress in Dark Emerald tells others you are ready to move forward with a fresh start and want to feel grounded.

Purple is closely associated with royalty and riches, power and wealth. These dresses come in a variety of shades, from lavender to eggplant, and can be found in a range of styles to suit any taste. When it comes to accessories, silver or diamond jewelry can complement the color purple, while darker shades of purple can pair well with gold jewelry. For a more dramatic look, a statement necklace can be worn, while for a more understated look, a simple pair of earrings can be worn. A purple prom dress like the Faviana S10832 really shows you mean business and want to stand out.

Neutral Colors – Black and White

The neutral color chart has black and white at either end and variations of grey and brown through the middle. Black and white dresses are popular choices, being easy colors that go with anything.

Neutral Colored Prom Dresses

Black prom dresses are a timeless and elegant choice for prom night. The color black is associated with sophistication, elegance, and mystery, making it the perfect choice for this special occasion. One of the benefits of choosing a black prom dress is that it is a neutral color that can be easily paired with a variety of accessories. Silver or gold jewelry, colorful shoes and clutch, and a bold lip color can add a pop of color to the dress and make it truly stand out. Wear the Faviana Style S10800 dress in Black to protect emotions and communicate authority.

White symbolizes purity, peace, and strength. These dresses are timeless and can be worn by anyone, regardless of body shape or skin tone. Metallic colors give white dresses a glamorous touch. Silver or gold heels are an excellent choice for white prom dresses. Wear the Faviana Style S10633 dress in Ivory White to convey a well-balanced, optimistic outlook.

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