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Best Uses for Vaseline in Beauty and Fashion


Vaseline or Petroleum Jelly can be found in almost everyone’s medicine cabinet. It has become a household staple over the years, but are you aware of all of its unique uses? We’re here to tell you exactly why Vaseline is your best friend, especially in the summer time!

What does Vaseline Do for Your Skin?

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Vaseline has a thick consistency, which makes it work wonders for your skin. Not only does it heal dry skin, but it also smooths it over. It works great for cracked heels or dry elbows, and will stay on throughout the night. You’ll wake up with healthy, hydrated skin in just one sleep! Additionally, Petroleum Jelly gives your skin a perfect glow. Just dab a small amount on the high points of your face for a dewy look, or slide a bit down your shins to make your legs standout. It’s the perfect alternative for highlighter! Moisturized skin also holds scents better, so your perfume will last longer.

How to use Vaseline With Cosmetics?

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Vaseline should be a staple in your beauty routine with its array of uses. First off, you can turn any of your favorite loose pigments into a cream eyeshadow or blush by mixing them with it. This also works great for a dewy highlighter or a tinted lip balm! Speaking of which, it’s the best cure for dry or cracked lips. For extra moisture, you can add a bit of sugar or sea salt to Petroleum Jelly to create a lip or body scrub. If you’re embracing the no-makeup or summer-friendly look, then switch your mascara with this substance. This will condition your lashes, along with making them full and glossy! At the end of the day, Vaseline is an inexpensive option to easily and gently remove your makeup.

Vaseline With Hair & Nails

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Besides makeup, Vaseline can be applied in other parts of your routine, such as your nails. Apply Petroleum Jelly to your cuticles before putting on nail polish to keep the color off your skin. This will guarantee an easier clean up! If your nail polishes are dried shut, you can also dab some Vaseline under the cap for easy opening. Furthermore, this product can be used for hair purposes. Use Vaseline on the ends of your hair to tame frizz and seal dry split ends, or swipe them across your eyebrows to keep them in place. If you plan on dyeing your hair at home, apply it around your hairline to prevent hair-dye stains!

Vaseline in Fashion

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Besides hair-dye stains, Vaseline will assist you with other stains. You can use a small amount on your skin before applying self-tanner. This will create a barrier and prevent streaks and stains on your clothing. Additionally, with the help from a damp washcloth, Petroleum Jelly can be used to lift makeup stains that may have gotten on your clothes. More fashion uses include buffing your shoes, bags, and other leather goods that need polishing. For jewelry, you can rub it over your earlobes and earrings to slide them on easier, or help take off a stuck-on ring. As you can see, the uses are endless!

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