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Why You Should Shop On Cyber Monday


It’s that time of year again – eating way too much food, watching way too many movies, and buying way too many gifts. But, when that magical weekend at the end of November rolls around, all of it suddenly becomes okay. The guilt-free eating, stuffing your face at the Thanksgiving table with your family (or the kids table – my family still sticks me there), sitting on the couch prematurely watching Christmas movies, and the weightless feeling of shopping on the retail holidays knowing you’re getting the best deals. To help you figure out the best way to spend your weekend off, here are some reasons you should be shopping on Cyber Monday.

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Score the Best Deals

There is a lot we need to buy this time of year. From holiday dresses, to secret santa gifts, to presents for the family. Retail holidays are the best time to save some money on all those purchases. It is easy to feel confident shopping online because you can compare deals across websites. Shopping on Black Friday can sometimes be a gamble, because you don’t always know if another retailer is offering a better discount. On top of that, you can’t keep an item on hold to compare prices. Shopping on Cyber Monday gives you the peace of mind that you are scoring the lowest price.

Gas Money

This might sound like an obvious corner to cut, but if you are shopping online you aren’t spending money on gas or putting miles on your car! Most retailers offer free shipping with their Cyber Monday deals, so it is definitely worth taking advantage of it while it lasts. It doesn’t get any better than being able to purchase something right from your couch and only having to move your fingertips. 

Getting in More Family Time

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We’ve all seen that Black Friday meme: “So you’re telling me people trample each other for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have?” The joke always gets a laugh, but it does hold a lot of truth. Thanksgiving weekend is the perfect time to hang out with your family and friends – it’s a rare occasion when everybody is off from school and work at the same time, so it should be taken advantage of! Instead of leaving Thanksgiving dinner early or waking up at the crack of dawn to line up at the mall, stay back to sleep in and watch a movie with your family or go to the local diner for breakfast with your friends! You won’t have to worry about missing out on the deals because you can shop them all on that upcoming Monday.

Beat the Lines

We know the feeling all too well – holding heavy hangers of clothes in one arm, your bag and wallet ready to go in the other arm, your feet cramping up in your shoes, and all you can think about is wanting to just sit down. A huge benefit of doing your shopping on Cyber Monday is not having to wait in those long lines, but instead shopping your favorite stuff from your couch or bed!

Comfort Over Everything

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If you’re a student like me, you know how difficult school can get. Regardless of if you are a new high school freshman, high school senior, or a college student, everybody has felt the weight of school assignments (double that if you’re working a job as well!) Sometimes, all you want to do is have a lazy day. Cyber Monday allows you to have just that. On Friday, take the day to yourself – run a bath, do a face mask, make some brownies… anything to bring down the stress levels before school resumes! Then, later on, you can do all your holiday shopping in your comfy bed with a stress-free mind.

Stay Safe on Cyber Monday

It happens every year, and it is inevitable. There is always a tragic news headline of somebody getting injured in the wake of the Black Friday madness. Whether it is a twisted ankle or the crazies with pepper spray, it’s never something pretty. The best way to steer clear of the stampedes is to just stay home. Nobody can be sure what it is, but people turn crazy at the sight of sales. You will definitely be safest shopping from your computer, tablet, or phone.

Whether you want to make the extra time to spend with the ones you’re thankful for or you just want to rest up before midterms and finals in December, Cyber Monday is definitely a great way to get some retail therapy in the comfort of your own home, all while keeping your bank account in check!

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