Women’s Health and Fitness Day


At Faviana, we promote a happy and healthy lifestyle for every woman. In order to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, you must eat the right foods and get enough exercise. A great way to stay active is through practicing yoga, which has become incredibly popular over the past couple of years. Many might deflect from this practice since they might find it boring or uninteresting. However, yoga has evolved into many different styles that will surely provoke your interest. In honor of Women’s Health and Fitness Day, we have provided you with the unconventional list of yoga practices. Many young women swarm to the nearest fitness center right after work to indulge in a session of yoga, due to its amazing benefits. So, grab your yoga mat, throw on your most fashionable athlesiure outfit, and head to your local gym for a healthier mind and body.

Anti-Gravity Yoga


Originating in NYC, anti-gravity yoga, or aerial yoga, is taking the world by storm! This new version combines dance, Pilates, and traditional yoga poses all while floating in the air via hammock. This special hammock is made of parachute silk and holds up to 300lbs of weight. A great benefit of anti-gravity yoga is that it’s a lot more fun than traditional yoga. It gives you a thrill to dangle in the air all while attempting to replicate the instructor’s poses. Anti-gravity yoga is not only entertaining, but it also comes with amazing health benefits. Since you are using all your muscles to keep yourself up, you are stretching and toning areas that might not have been reached during traditional exercise routines. Channel your inner Cirque du Soleil acrobat and try out this unconventional style of yoga – you will have a blast!

Hot Yoga


Hot yoga replicates the sensation of being inside a sauna. This type of yoga involves executing poses on a mat in a room fairly over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. A great benefit of performing yoga in such hot temperatures is the increased blood flow, which eases flexibility and speeds up your metabolism. You will also be able to move your body more freely than you would in room temperatures. Hot yoga, of course, isn’t for everyone, since you must be able to tolerate hot temperatures while perfectly executing your poses. If you love to explore new exercise techniques, then we suggest you try hot yoga. Just remember to bring a water bottle or two with you, since this version of yoga will make you sweat like never before!



Doga, or dog yoga, is perfect for those with a furry friend. This unconventional type of yoga creates a great bonding experience with your canine. It might seem illogical to some since yoga is supposed to promote relaxation, and many four-legged friends in one room could entice them to bark and run around. However, doga is a great way to spend time with Fido and meet fellow dog-lovers. Use doga as an opportunity to meet other people and possibly set up future play-dates your pup! This form of yoga might not provide you with 100% relaxation; however, it will be a great experience for you and your pet.

Paddle board Yoga


Paddle board yoga is the practice of yoga on a paddleboard instead of the traditional mat. It is great for improving your balance and strength since any wrong move can throw you overboard. You will be forced to use more muscles to remain on the paddle board, thus obtaining a better workout than you would on a flat surface. Paddleboard yoga can be practiced in any body of water: lakes, pools, ocean, etc. This workout also provides relaxation, and not to mention a stunning view, since it is performed while floating on water. This form of yoga increases your core strength, flexibility, and stability, all while providing you with an amazing tan!

Mommy & Baby Yoga

New moms know that having the time to workout is nearly impossible. However, baby yoga provides exercise for both mom and her baby. Many new moms have decided to take part in this form of yoga since it is a great way to get her post-baby body back in shape. Mom’s core, thighs, arms, and shoulders will be toned, while baby develops her/his motor skills. Another great benefit is the bonding experience it creates for mothers and their babies since it offers play time and closeness. Babies also benefit from this workout, since the movements replicate the sensation they felt in the womb. These movements soothe the baby which causes him/her to become more relaxed and sleep longer. Moms no longer need to leave the baby at home with the sitter while they get a workout!

We hope you found a new type of yoga to try! It’s always good to try something new and find a fun way to stay fit especially on Women’s Health and Fitness Day. Let us know what you did by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY or Twitter @FavianaNY!


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