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Your Guide to Christmas Shopping for Mom


What do you get the woman who seems to have it all? Christmas shopping for mom can be difficult since you believe she deserves the world and you obviously can’t buy the world! Well, don’t worry about managing your money or searching for ideas any further. We supply you with the perfect Christmas gifts in this guide to Christmas shopping for mom!

Christmas Shopping for Mom: Lipstick Holder

Photo Credit: Anthropologie

Don’t know what to get mom for Christmas? Well, just like yourself, your mom is bound to have a lipstick collection of her own. A unique Christmas gift to give is a vintage lipstick holder! The gold color will match any vanity or room, while fitting any standard size lipstick. The best news is this is only $28 at our beloved store, Anthropologie. With 6 holders, she may even share this Christmas gift with you so you both can enjoy this makeup organizer.

Cute Ring Holder

Going hand in hand with a makeup holder, another Christmas gift idea for mom is a jewelry holder! Instead of a traditional jewelry box or case, step up her game while keeping her jewelry organized. A popular item this year is this adorable elephant ring holder. You can find it on a variety of websites while Christmas shopping for mom, starting at only $16! Now not only will her rings be organized in one place, but she will have a decorative item in her room too. Bonus points if her favorite animal is an elephant!

Designer Bags

We’re always asking our moms to hold our stuff, so it’s time to give them a fashionable item to hold their own items. Finding a designer bag is an amazing gift when you’re Christmas shopping for mom. You can purchase a bag in your budget range, introducing her to your favorite designer and what’s trending. She’ll be grateful and happy that she gets to use this gift from you every day, fitting right into the fashion world beside you. You can also find a matching wallet to go with it!

Photo Books

You probably have many memories with your mom, so why not put them all together in one place? A photo book is a perfect, personalized Christmas gift idea for mom. Find photos on your phone and computer, then find an app or website to create your gift. Chatbooks is a great option for people who don’t have time to make photo books since it provides a fast and affordable way to get photos off of your phone and into your hands. You can easily add, edit, and rearrange your favorite photos to create a beautiful photo book for your mom!

You can find more Christmas gift ideas for your mom here! Additionally, show us the Christmas gifts you get your mom by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs @FavianaNYC!



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