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Your Summer To Do List


Summer is just around the corner. So if you haven’t started planning what you’re going to do, it’s time to start. There’s an array of activities you can do for yourself and with others, to start creating your list. We present to you: your summer to do list!

Outside Summer To Do List

Photo Credit: Youth Ministry

It’s the warmest months of the year, so of course you need to do activities outside. Grab your friends or family, and enjoy the sun and great weather with these options!

  • Have a bonfire on the beach.
  • Visit a new beach with your friends.
  • Join a beach volleyball team.
  • Practice safe tanning and work on your tan.
  • Learn how to skip rocks.
  • Start collecting seashells or shark teeth.
  • Host or attend a barbecue.
  • Attend your favorite sports game.
  • Watch fireworks in a memorable spot.
  • Go canoeing, water skiing, or jet skiing.
  • Plan a weekend getaway or camp out.
  • Cruise on a boat or sailboat.
  • Go fishing and try to catch the most.
  • Attend a concert or music festival.
  • Eat at a new restaurant.
  • Have a picnic in the park.
  • Go to a farm to pick fruit or a petting zoo for animals.
  • Attend a food festival or visit food trucks.
  • Go to an amusement park.

At Home Summer To Do List

Photo Credit: Sydne Style

Still, not every day will be sunny and nice. Summer can be full of cool days, humidity, and thunderstorms. Or perhaps, you just don’t feel like going anywhere far. For those days inside, we have activities to complete at home!

  • Clean out your closet.
  • Binge-watch a series.
  • See a movie in the theaters.
  • Hold a slumber party.
  • Learn to cook something new.
  • Have an at-home spa day with your girlfriends.
  • Order takeout once a week.
  • Complete at-home exercises or sign up at a gym.
  • Dedicate a day (or more) to online shopping.
  • Rearrange your room.
  • Catch fireflies at night.
  • Stargaze with your favorite person.
  • Watch the sunset or sunrise.
  • Nap in a hammock.
  • Start a new book.
  • Play outside in the rain.
  • Make a summer playlist.

Personal To Do List

Photo Credit: The Independent

Many of us have things in our head that we’ve been meaning to do, but never found the time to. This summer, make sure to do these things for yourself and try something new!

  • Find a job or internship.
  • Apply to schools or a study abroad program.
  • Volunteer at a shelter you’re passionate about.
  • Adopt a new animal.
  • Donate to charity.
  • Get your health in check.
  • Dye your hair a different color.
  • Write out your expenses and stay on top of your budget.
  • Apply for a credit card.
  • Book a trip to a different country.
  • Find a new relationship.
  • Change your style and buy a new wardrobe.
  • Experiment with different makeup looks.
  • Try a new hairstyle.
  • Treat yourself to manicure and pedicures.
  • Get a full-body massage

What’s on your summer to do list? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs!



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