How To Pack The Ultimate Prom Clutch

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As a girl, you tend to carry everything from the moon and back in your purse, and it is safe to say we all have a little Mary Poppins in us. While we do use our purses as a security blanket, going to prom with our over-sized, overfilled hobo bag, just isn’t going to cut it. Faviana is here to help you pack the ultimate prom clutch so you will be prepared for any fashion emergency.

1. Mint

With your prom day starting at the crack of dawn and not ending until that evening, breathe mints are an essential to any and all clutches. They are a total must.

2. Stain Stick

Unfortunately, you can’t wear a huge space bubble around you during your prom endeavors but keeping a stain stick on hand is the next best thing. Whether it is your date who accidentally flings pasta sauce on your prom dress, or makeup that decided to wander into unwanted territory, a Tide To Go stick will get you out of the bind.

3. Bobby Pins

Yes, we know that you will most likely have 100 bobby pins in your hair if you are sporting an up-do, but having extra is always a plus for if your hairstyle turns frizzy and overheated. Trust me, when you start dancing your perfectly placed curls will inevitably come undone no matter how much hairspray you have in your hair, and at your next bathroom break, when you look in the mirror, you will be glad your bobby pins are in your clutch.

4. Deodorant 

The dance floor can be a crazy place. Lots of bodies, lots of moments, lots of smells. Don’t be subject to personal smells, if you don’t have to. Picking up a travel size of your favorite deodorant will be the perfect trick.

5. Perfume

Signature scents leave a lasting impression. Find a travel/sample size of your favorite scent to at to your clutch. Want to try something new? Pick out a new scent and have it be a memento to your night.  You can always pop in to Sephora, and ask them for a tester of your favorite scent.  That will be enough to last you through the night without taking up space in your clutch.

6. Blotting Papers

Running around all night tends to come with precautions when wearing a full face of makeup. Make sure your beautiful face of makeup stays in place by using blotting papers. Blotting papers keep your foundation in place while soaking up all the undesired oils and shine, keeping you looking stunning all night long.  This is also a perfect alternative to packing powder in your clutch when you don’t have the space for a compact.

7. Lasting Lip

Having a lasting lip color is an essential piece to your clutch. With all the events that will be in place during the evening, from dinner, to pictures, to dancing, keeping your lip game strong is a must. Having to reapply 1-2 times all day and night is so much better than reapplying after every other snap story. Spend less time in the ladies room reapplying and more time killing it on the dance floor.  Small side note, but if you want your lip color to last you longer, use a matte shade and definitely wear lipliner.

8. Safety Pins

You don’t think you’ll need them but you will certainly be wishing you packed them when you do actually need them!  They hardly take up any space and you will be ever-so-grateful if you find yourself in a bind and need to hold something together.  Just incase you have a dress malfunction, and someone whether it is you or a friend inevitably will,  these babies are here to save the day.

9. Tampons

Hey, we are all girls here. And, anything could happen. You could even be helping out a friend in need. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

10. Band-Aids

We all know that you will be wearing those beautiful, shoes you gawked over for months. The thing is, they probably won’t be leaving the box, to be worn outside your bedroom walls, until prom night. These band-aid will help you out when the beautiful shoes get the best of your feet.

11. Fold-up Flats

This is for when all else fails and you want to give your feet a rest. Fold-up flats is the perfect solution to tired feet when you are limited on clutch space. These will keep you going all night long.

We hope you use this guide to pack the ultimate prom clutch. Keeping you far away from any fashion emergencies.  We would love you see pictures of your clutch! If you think we are missing anything or would like to add something different, let us know! Comment below or share it with us on Insatagram @Faviana_NY or Twitter @FavianaNY.



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