Best Poses in Your Homecoming Dress

You picked your favorite homecoming dress, put it on – and now what? Between family and friends, all the cameras are going to be on you as you’re in the spotlight. To guarantee the best angles will be captured, try these poses in your homecoming dress for any style!

Look Back At It

Back Poses in Your Homecoming Dress
Faviana Style 8055

This pose is perfect for dresses that have an open back or intricate straps that you want to be seen. Show your whole back to the camera, while just turning your head at the photographer. Display that beautiful smile, as both your face and designed back are captured. Faviana Style 8055 is one example of having a statement back, being flattering with a flirty vibe. You’re guaranteed to be turning heads in this gown and stance, having your friends join as well. You can choose to have your homecoming clutch in the picture or not, too!

Together In Front

Front Poses in Your Homecoming Dress
Faviana Style 8050

For those with dresses off-the-shoulder, this one’s for you. The best way to showcase your bare shoulders and fabulous dress is by putting your hands together in front of you. Everyone will be able to see your statement sleeves, as you look and feel elegant. Faviana Style 8050 displays this perfectly, slightly touching your fingers together right below your chest. This way, you and everyone can still see every detail of the dress and your gorgeous hand accessories. Make sure to also pair it with the perfect homecoming shoe!

Fun With Pockets

Pocket Poses in Your Homecoming Dress
Faviana Style 8064

We fan-girl over when our dresses have pockets, so why not show it off and make it known? Faviana Style 8064 is a cheerful and polished dress, allowing you to pose playfully. Stick one hand in that pocket, while showcasing the beautiful lace trimming around the dress. Wear a statement bangle on the other hand so it will be seen and stand out in photos, not letting your jewelry go to waste. Everyone will be staring at your dress, wanting to have pockets themselves!

Hands On Hips

Hands on Hip Poses in Your Homecoming Dress
Faviana Style 8070

Faviana Style 8070 is the perfect cocktail dress to pose with both your hands on your hips. The mesh material makes it comfortable to the touch, as the flow makes it flattering to all figures. By placing your hands around your waist, you accentuate your figure more – appearing more slender, too. Try this with any loose-fitting dress, as you will look both romantic and mature. You can even switch it up and place only one hand on the hip for a different pose with the same objective.


Straight Poses in Your Homecoming Dress
Faviana Style 8053

The easiest and most formal pose you can do is standing straight up with your hands by your sides. Posing like this with your shoulders back conveys confidence in yourself and in your dress. This is great to look taller and to show off your figure with a tighter dress. Try it with a sexy and stylish cocktail such as Faviana Style 8053, form-fitting to engage all your curves and the features to the dress. You can also accessorize with bold jewelry on your hands and wrists, since it will all be shown effortlessly.

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