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Homecoming Shoes for Any Style


You spend so much time searching for a homecoming dress – finding the right style, color, size, and cut. Odds are, you’re only going to wear this outfit once, then stick it in the back of your closet or donate it back to the Faviana Upcycle Program. Nonetheless, this doesn’t have to be the case for your whole attire. Whether you purchase your shoes before or after you decide on a dress, this guide will ensure that your homecoming shoes will match any style gown – now and in the future.

Snakeskin Homecoming Shoes

Real or fake, snakeskin is an elegant material for any occasion. It gives off a natural and exhilarating vibe, resulting in mixed colors within the texture. Therefore, it’s bound to match a large array of dresses. Pairing it with a neutral color such as Faviana Style 7850 in black or white helps build the dress to be even more interesting. The fabric is also unique, making every night you wear them special and different to each outfit.

Jewel Tones

Photo Credit: Level Shoes

If you love mix-and-matching, then you’ll love this next one. A lot of people traditionally match their dress color to their shoe color. To stand out at any event though, stick with a jewel-toned heel. Colors such as amethyst purple, ruby red, emerald green, yellow topaz, and sapphire blue are so bright and beautiful, that they complete any shade dress. This would be the perfect fit for Faviana Style 8072, showcasing just a pop of color on your feet. Re-wear these with various style gowns, and see the combinations you come up with each time.

Rainbow Heels

The easiest way to match any color is to wear a shoe with every color. ‘Rainbow’ colored heels show your youth and free-spirited side, no matter what style dress you pick. The multiple colors accent the pastel colors of Faviana Style S10079 effortlessly, and can have the same affect on others. Put together the excitement by pairing these shoes with a fun hairstyle, and you’re set to have a blast that night.

Flat Homecoming Shoes

Moving away from the traditional heel, flats are also a perfect fit for any dress style. This is a great option for those tall ladies, or those who want to remain comfortable throughout the night. Pick a popping color such as red, matching perfectly with a dress such as Faviana Style S10064. You’ll definitely stand out with these, and be able to stand up and dance all night as well!

Metallic Shoes

Another way to gain some shine is going with metallic shoes. You can choose a classic silver, or spice it up a bit with a gold or metallic pink. Even a touch of this material makes a powerful statement, dressing up any dress more such as Faviana Style 8051. The possibilities are endless to add a little twinkle to your toes. So create countless unforgettable nights, while looking unforgettable yourself!

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