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Homecoming Clutch Essentials


With the school year sneaking up on us, we also know homecoming is upon us. A lot of prep goes into this event beforehand – the perfect dress, the perfect date, the perfect group. When we get there, we want to just be able to enjoy ourselves and not have to worry about anything else. Therefore, it’s important to pack the necessities that you may need throughout the night. Here’s all the homecoming clutch essentials you need that will fit right in your clutch!

Makeup Compact

Whether you’re inside, outside, or somewhere dancing, it’s going to be HOT. To avoid it showing on your face, a small makeup compact is very useful to have. With a mirror and sponge included, you could easily see and dab away any greasiness shown with the ultimate coverage.

Beauty Touches

You probably left your house wearing your favorite lipstick or lip stain. With eating and interaction though, odds are the texture will not last. Therefore, it’s important to carry a lip gloss with you. The applicator is very thin, and it can used to touch up your lip color all night long.

To finish off your beauty essentials, a perfume is a must. Luckily, special roll-on and sample perfumes are travel-sized and can be taken with you anywhere. A quick roll or spray will make you smell amazing and refreshed instantly, due to its high-fragrant concentration.

Thirteen Thoughts

Hair Fix-Ups

With all the moving around, it’s inevitable that our hair will not stay in place. You or a stylist worked hard on your hair, thus it should be preserved the best you can. Slipping a few bobby pins with you can save any hair emergency and fix misplaced pieces. You can even supply to your friends who may need help as well!

If your hair gets too messy or is making you too sweaty, make sure to have at least two hair elastics with you. This is great if you decide to put your hair up on the dance floor or towards the end of the night. Plus, you’ll have a backup rubber band just in case your first one snaps – or if you want to lend one to a friend.

Caring Tools

Not only are chip nails annoying and look bad, but it can also snag your dress or skin. To keep both you and your outfit safe, remember to bring a nail file. This slim stick easily slides in and out of your clutch, as you can discreetly repair a broken nail. Though it won’t be perfect, it will make the rest of your night and appearance smoother.

Between walking, posing, and dancing, heels can get very uncomfortable. Don’t let a little pain keep you from having fun. To fight blisters and prevent bleeding outbreaks, it can’t hurt to have a couple of band-aids at hand. They take up barely any room in your clutch, and your feet will certainly thank you later.

Let us know what you packed in your clutch for homecoming by tagging us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs @FavianaNYC!



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