Our Favorite All American Hairstyles

Looking to complete an all American, classic look for a special event? We’ve put together some of our top easy hairstyles, and how to achieve a stunning, timeless look. An all American look is all about looking sweet, natural, polished, and put together. Here are some of our favorite all American hairstyles, perfect for completing your polished look!

All American Hairstyles: Dutch Braids

all american hairstyle
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If you’re going for a more sporty, classic American look – something different from the typical curls or updo for your next event – inverted french braids are for you! Divide your hair into two sections, or do one big braid back. French braid as normal, but instead of crossing over while braiding, pull the sections under each strand instead of crossing over top. Continue braiding as normal, and secure with a clear elastic. If you can’t dutch braid, simple french braids will achieve the same look! Looking for more of a whimsical look? Loosen the braids, by pulling on the braid strands.

All American Hairstyles: High Pony

all american hairstyles
Photo Credit: JustJared

For your next special event, put your hair up and don’t worry about getting too hot on the dance floor! A high pony is a great way to complete a polished look. Make it sleek, or slightly messy depending on your style and the overall look. For a sleek look, flat iron your hair, and brush it back into a high pony. Make sure the hair tie is super tight! For a slightly messy look, be sure to use some texturizing spray, and if you’d like, use a curling wand to add some volume and bounce. Then backcomb the front of your hair up at the crown slightly for some volume. Comb over the top to smooth it out, and pull back all your hair. Secure with a hair elastic, and wrap a piece around the hair tie to hide it. Use hairspray to hold it in place!

All American Hairstyles: Short Curls

the short curls all american hairstylesIf you’ve got short hair, this hairstyle is for you! Use curlers or a thin curling iron to set your hair with curls. Hairspray them all into place, then gently comb them out with your fingers to get some volume! This is a fun, different look for those with short hair. Channel your inner Marilyn and get ready to turn heads at your next event!

All American Hairstyles: Tie It Back

All american hairstyles
Photo Credit: Harper’s Bazaar

Looking for a way to tie your look all together? Lightly wave your hair with a curling wand, or straighten it for a more sleek look. Then pull back the front sections to keep your hair out of your face! If your hair is curly, add in a few twists when pulling the sections back. If it’s straight, a nice addition would be softly braiding back the front sections! Secure with a clear elastic. Tie a simple, matching bow in for a sweet, youthful look.

Remember that it’s always a good idea to test out a new hairstyle before the big event. This way it goes smoother and faster, and you can see if you need to make any adjustments along with knowing what it will look like on you!

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  1. This past spring and summer I have been wearing a lot of braids. the Dutch braid look is a favorite. I also like three small braids up to the crown and then a hi ponytail! Amanda BA

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