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Top 7 Curly Prom Hairstyles


It’s finally prom season! It is time to book those hair appointments, nail salon visits and break in those cute prom heels. While you are finding the perfect salon to create your prom ‘do, make sure you research some styles you might like before the big day! If you have curly hair you have a million options of hairstyles, from casual and laid back to total glam. Take some inspiration from our ideas, and get the look of your dreams. Here is Faviana’s Top 7 Curly Prom Hairstyles!

Curly Twisted Knot

Contain your curls without hiding them with a messy-chic knot at the nape of your neck. This look is perfect for keeping your hair back, while showing off detailing on the neck and back of your dress. Add twists or braided pieces pulled back into the bun for a princessy vibe, and maybe even tuck in some flowers to match your corsage. You can change this look a tad but adding a french braid along the crown of your head, perfect for thick hair!


All Things Hair

This look is a dream for laid back girls. If you are looking for a away to get your hair sleek and pulled back, without all the fuss, a fishtail braid is perfect for you. Ask your hairstylist to braid your hair back into a side fishtail, or for longer hair try styling the braid straight down your back. Pull a few front pieces out to frame your face in curls!

Faux Hawk

For the rocker girl headed to prom, this look is an edgy twist on a classic updo. Easy to achieve at home or in the salon, this look is to die for. It is best if done with longer hair, but for shorter hair try a series of small buns to give you that faux hawk volume! For a touch of glam in this look, try clipping back fly-aways with a bejeweled bobby pin.

Curly Hair Headband Braid

  1. Start on whatever side you want and continue by grabbing a small section of hair that is behind you ear.
  2. Next off, braid you hair around the crown of your head and keep adding more hair to the braid as you go along. Try to not go too far back on your head because it won’t look much like a braid.
  3. Continue braiding until you reach the opposite side of your head to just behind your ear like in step 1.
  4. Once you reach the other side, get a little hair tie (I recommend the Goodie Ouchless Mini Elastics in clear) and tie that tiny section of hair.

Voila! That’s it! You should not see the elastic once you finish this hair style but if you like that look then do what you want! Your hair should be all down except for the braid headband. Feel free to add hairspray to get rid of fly-aways!

Twisted Side Ponytail

  1. Follow all instructions from “Headband Braid” besides hair-spraying.
  2. Grab a comb to tease your hair and grab as much hair as you desire and tease the top of your head.
  3. Once completed, make a tiny bump and use decorative bobby pins or plain ones to hold the hair in place.
  4. Once you have completed that, grab the hairs that are right below the braid on one side of your head and twist them going inward, towards your head. Following the lower part of your head. Continue adding hair as you go along.
  5. Continue twisting your hair all of the way around the back of your head until you reach the opposite side if your head.
  6. Grab any type of bobby pins you would like whether they’re plain or have diamonds or, cute little designs and pin the back of your twisted hair.

That’s it! Your hair should flow on the side you did not twist. Use hairspray, of course, to be make your hair extra secure and to get rid of those fly-aways!

Twisted Low Ponytail

  1. Follow all instructions from “Headband Braid” besides hair-spraying.
  2. Once you have completed that, grab the hair that is right below the braid on one side of your head and twist them going inward in to your head following the lower part of your head. Continue adding hair as you go along. Stop once you reach the middle of your head.
  3. Use a bobby pin to secure the twist.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 on the opposite side of your head.
  5. Once you have completed that, grab the extra hair and flatten it up to the middle of your head and secure the extra hair with a clip, leaving a little bit out of top to fall over the clip.
  6. Cover the clip with your hair however you want. I tucked some strands under the clip and left some out to give it a messy curly vibe.
  7. Hairspray and your all done!

All Natural

If you love your naturally curly hair, why hide it! This look is easy to achieve at home, or with the help of some professional hands at a salon. The key to this look is voluminous, luscious and moisturized locks, so be sure to try some masks and rejuvenating tricks pre-prom. Let your hair air dry to maintain it’s natural shape, but help along curl definition with a little gel. Don’t forget to use a hairspray with medium hold so your hair has movement!

Any hairstyle you choose should show off your individual style, and help to highlight your prom dress. Whether you are looking for a complicated updo or a low key braid, be sure you have pictures and ideas to share with your stylist so they know where to start. Always be sure to prep your hair before prom day as well, as healthy hair is easier to style!

What is your favorite curly hairstyle, and which style will you be rocking to prom? Do you have curly hair tips to share? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana & Twitter @FavianaNY.


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