Short vs Long: Which Style Do You Choose For Prom?

Prom season is approaching and that means it’s time to pick out your dress ladies! There are so many factors that come into play when picking out a dress and one of them is short vs long. How do you decide which style to get? Prom is one of the best nights for all you pretty girls and you want to look stunning. Check out some of our favorite Faviana dresses and pick which style you would choose for your prom!

Short vs Long – Pick Short!

Short vs Long Short off the shoulder















Source: Faviana Style 8050

Wanting to show off some skin this prom season – go for Faviana style 8050, a sexy off the shoulder short dress. No matter what the weather is like this prom season, a short prom dress is always acceptable. After hours of breaking down on the dance floor with your cute date or galpals, a short dress might be preferable because you will be HOT, HOT, HOT!

short vs long choose short

Source: Faviana Style 8070

If you want to show off those new heels you just bought then go for a short dress. Usually a long dress will cover your shoes, leaving those sparkling new beauties in the dark. Faviana Style 8070 is another classic short prom dress at the perfect length hitting right above the knee. Short dresses seem to be the in style these days but do make sure they are an appropriate “short” length.

Short vs Long – Pick Long!

Short vs Long - Long off the shoulder

Source: Faviana S10001

Don’t worry girls, if short dresses aren’t your style you’re in luck! Long prom dresses are just as popular. A long prom dress is a great choice for prom as you often don’t get many instances where wearing a long, fancy dress is acceptable! There are so many styles available in long dresses that fit every body type out there. Faviana Style 10001 is an elegant long prom dress with a side slit.

short vs long - long lace dress


Source: Faviana Style 9428

Long prom dresses are great if you don’t want to show off your legs for the night. The bottom of long prom dresses range from various styles like mermaid, big Cinderella ball gowns, or even just straight. Our Faviana style 9428 is a gorgeous tulle long dress with an exquisite lace beaded top. Don’t want to worry about what shoes to wear, a long prom dress will do just the trick! Long prom dresses definitely have more material than a short prom dress but that doesn’t necessarily mean its more expensive. Also, don’t worry about your height in a long dress. Typically shorter girls might look frumpy in a long dress but get your dress tailored just to your height and throw on a pair of high heels!

No matter what prom dress style you choose this season – short vs long – you WILL look beautiful! Find a dress that makes you happy and you that you feel comfortable in. Try a style you never thought you might like or wear the same style as all your friends. Either way short vs long doesn’t really matter at the end of the day, what matters is how beautiful you feel!

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