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Prom Jewelry Ideas For Each Style Dress


You’ve got your prom dress and prom shoes all picked out, now it’s time for your prom jewelry! These are the accessories that can really make or break your look, so we want to ensure you pick the right ones. Follow this guide on the best prom jewelry for each style dress!

Prom Jewelry for Sweetheart Dress

Sweetheart Dress
Faviana Style S10093

Sweetheart necklines are super romantic, so you want to make sure to play up the curves shown. Especially if you have a long crepe off-the-shoulder v-neck dress, you should take advantage of the framework with a short necklace. A bold, statement necklace is perfect for this look, as long as the necklace is on the shorter side and doesn’t overlap with your dress. If you prefer a different prom accessory, then go for a silver or gold bracelet to add to your bare arms.

Prom Jewelry for V-Neck Dress

V-Neck Dress
Faviana Style 10039

Another flattering neckline is the famous v-neck. If you want to accentuate the v-neck style more, then choose to frame it with a pendant necklace. On the other hand, you can keep how the neck is since it’s already a statement itself, and can opt for other options. Pair Faviana long chiffon v-neck dress with a sparkly bracelet and ring to complete the look effortlessly!

Prom Jewelry for Strapless Dress

Strapless Dress
Faviana Style S10027

Strapless dresses come in all different styles, but the one thing they all have in common? No sleeves! With your arms and chest exposed, you don’t want to draw more attention to them. Therefore, the best prom jewelry for long jersey strapless dress is a bold pair of earrings. This is exactly what you need to bring the attention up towards your face. Make sure to have on the perfect prom makeup as well!

Prom Jewelry for Halter Dress

Halter Dress
Faviana Style 10068

Halter necklines are hard since they don’t allow for necklaces. Therefore, you need to make do with other prom accessories. A dazzling bracelet is a great option since it will give your exposed arms a little extra attention. For more fun, try layered bracelets by stacking your favorites up your arms! You can also pair a halter gown with small earrings. A long chiffon halter dress already has a lot going on up top, so just be sure the earrings aren’t too big. This can crown your face and make the look feel too busy, which you don’t want!

Prom Jewelry for Off-The-Shoulder Dress

Off-The-Shoulder Dress
Faviana Style S10075

Off-the-shoulder necklines such as in this long crepe off-shoulder dress have a huge potential for face framing. To enhance this, simply wear a luminous necklace and brilliant stud earrings. This sparkly jewelry will give you the right amount of shine, without taking away from the statement dress itself. Finish the look by pairing your outfit with the perfect prom heels!

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