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Short vs Long: Which Style Do You Choose For Prom?

Photo Credit: Ashlee C Photography

Everyone wants to look their best at prom, that’s a given! You want to look flawless in all those photos that your relatives will have resting on their mantel for years and years to come. But there’s a lot of thought that goes into your look! Should your dress be long or short? Which one will you look best in?

It’s all about what you can envision yourself wearing; consider your style, your body type, and if your school has any dress code you should be following for the dance! Some schools have the unwritten rule that you wear a short dress to junior prom or homecoming and a long dress to senior prom. Keyword here is unwritten rule; you should still wear what you want and feel comfortable in.

Keep reading to see the pros and cons for both options so you can decide for yourself!

The Short Choice

While most girls opt for long dresses to wear to prom, that doesn’t mean short dresses are totally off limits!! They’re light, fun and give off a classy look! You don’t have to worry about them dragging on the floor or people stepping on the edges of your dress while you’re dancing. Not to mention, you can def show off your legs!

Short dresses are usually less expensive and can probably be worn again. Another pro to wearing a short dress is you can make your shoes pop and give them the attention they rightfully deserve!

For some fun glam options, try Faviana Style S10161, S10171, and S10180.

Dress: Faviana Style S10161 | Clutch: Saks Fifth Avenue | Heels: Aldo

Style S10161’s flared, bell skirt is perfect for girls with hourglass or pear-shaped bodies who want to stand out in a short dress. Not everyone wears a rich plum dress to prom, either. Style it with a glossy clutch and glittery pumps to finish off the look!

Dress: Faviana Style S10171 | Bracelet: Neiman Marcus | Heels: Dillards

If you’re not a big fan of the frilly, layered skirt, try going for Style S10171. The intense sequins give it a more glam vibe, but who DOESN’T want to turn heads at prom? Style this beautiful dress with cuffed bracelets and stand-out heels. Go big or go home!

Dress: Faviana Style S10180 | Heels: Saks Fifth Avenue

Style S10180 is one of our favorites! This glittery two-piece is just the right amount of cute and flirty and can be styled up or down depending on your personal preferences! We recommend going with rhinestone heels and a simple necklace/bracelet combo!

The Long Choice

Girls will usually end up wearing long dresses or gowns because, unless they have been to a wedding, it is probably the first occasion where is it socially acceptable to wear a long, dramatic statement dress.

With long dresses, jewelry is everything! They might not show off your legs like short dresses will, but they have other attributes that can make them just as sexy as short dresses with high slits, low backs and cutouts. If you want the option of wearing it to future events, you can always repurpose the dress by having it cut or tailored!

Plus, long dresses can also give a more elegant appearance while giving you a variety of style options to pick from, including A-line, mermaid, two-piece and ball gown. If you want the traditional prom look, long is for you.

Some of our favorite long dresses are Faviana Style S7916, S10252 and S10001.

Dress: Faviana Style S7916 | Earrings: Coco Melody 

Faviana Style S7916 is one of our most popular styles for prom! If you have an hourglass body type, this dress is sure to hug your figure beautifully. The beading and applique cutouts pull this dress together and give you just the right amount of glam for your night! Style with matching, beaded jewelry to highlight the artful beading.

Dress: Faviana Style S10252 | Earrings: Libertyinlove

Faviana Style S10252 is a stunning, satin ball gown fit for you to feel like a princess on your special night! The epitome of glamour and elegance- everything you want in your long prom dress! Style it with some pearl earrings to have you feeling poised at prom!

Dress: Faviana Style S10001 | Earrings: Net-a-porter

Faviana Style S10001 hugs your body like S7916 but has that applique, off-shoulder neckline that makes it nice and flirty! Accessorize with crystal dangle earrings and a simple necklace to top the look off.

The Right Choice

At the end of the day, you should go with the dress that you tried on and do not want to leave the store without. If you are overwhelmed with choices and do not know where to start, pull both length dresses in all different styles and colors. Take photos of yourself in the dresses to help you narrow down what looks the best on your body shape and what you personally like better via looking at the pictures, like Cher in Clueless.  It works every time! Eventually you will find your dream dress.

From this point pick the dress you feel the happiest in and you will be happy with your end result. I know this is easier said than done but just try to trust your instincts.

Happy Shopping! Let us know what you wore to prom by tagging us on our Instagram @Faviana or tweeting at us on Twitter @FavianaNY




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