Wedding Accessories for Each Gown Style

Wedding accessories can sometimes be harder than finding your actual wedding dress. Since there’s so many styles out there, we want to ensure your accessories go with both your attire and wedding hairstyle. If you’re stuck on what to match your dress with, follow this guide of wedding accessories for each gown style!

Wedding Accessories for V-Neck Gowns

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A v-neck style gown with some sort of lace or sparkle is a more traditional look. Therefore, you want to pair this dress with traditional wedding accessories. Match the color and fabric of your dress to a veil, either long or short. You can wear your hair however you would like to add a more “you” factor. Then, choose the perfect wedding bouquet depending on your taste and fit of the gown. With these two simple pieces, you’ll be ready to say, “I do!” in no time.

Wedding Accessories for Short Gowns

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For those who elope, have a beach wedding, or a nontraditional one, you may go with a short wedding dress. Lucky for you, there’s many accessories to wear with this. Since you’ll have more freedom with both your attire and hair, have fun with this! Use bold barrettes or have your hair naturally down. Additionally, since this is the one dress style your shoes will definitely be shown, make sure to go with the most fashionable ones out there!

Wedding Accessories for Two-Piece Gowns

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A trending and popular dress choice, you’ll get the feel of both a boho and formal wedding. The two piece gown is a huge statement within itself, so don’t worry about wearing many other accessories. Especially if it has its own shine and gems to it, you only want to accentuate this. Wear a big bangle or multiple bracelets on your arm, with the option of stacked rings as well. Finish your look with boho makeup, and you’ll effortlessly look like a boho princess on your special day!

Wedding Accessories for High-Neck Gowns

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Since most of your body will be covered with a high-neck gown, you want to stay away from any accessories up top. This includes both necklaces and bold earrings, since this can be too much and take away from your look. Instead, go for a tennis bracelet. This simple, yet elegant accessory is the only one you need for for your wedding. Worn on your wrist, it gives off the perfect shine and finish touch to any extravagant dress that has a lot going on.

Wedding Accessories for Off-The-Shoulder Gowns

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Off-the-shoulder gowns are perfect for a boho wedding, so it’s inevitable to have some boho accessories. Pair your long or short gown with a flower crown in your hair. This can be placed on a down hairstyle or loose updo, for the crown will stay in place all day long. If you can’t find a flower crown, don’t worry! Any flowers will do. Grab real or fake ones, and strategically place these in your hair. It’s both an easy and flawless wedding accessory to wear for your special day.

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