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5 Everyday Accessories to Own


Dressing up and styling yourself for a special occasion can be fun, however they are… well… occasional. For your everyday life, it can also be fun to have an everyday accessories routine with some staple pieces. Whether for school, work, or a casual hang out, you can look stylish with accessories that your friends will find representative of who you are.

Some initial tips would be to choose colors and metals such as silver and gold, as well as neutral shades.  This will help you choose pieces that will not look out of place with ever-changing trends.  However, adding a pop of color such as rose gold can spice up your daily appearance. Here are some of our favorite everyday accessories for you to check out!

Everyday Accessories: Necklaces

Source: The Adventurine

In my opinion, necklaces should be a staple piece in your “accessories wardrobe” to add an interesting focal point to any outfit.  You are probably wearing one right now or already own one that carries meaning for you.  This might include a chain with a religious charm, hand-me-down from a loved one or nameplate.  A necklace can become a tangible sense of security that you’ll never want to take off.  You can tailor necklaces to your personal style through finding different lengths, playing with texture, and layering them.  A scoop neck is a popular and classic shape for necklaces, but there are so many styles you may want to try.  If you’re opposed to wearing a piece that anyone could own, look out for texture to make it unique.  Many brands allow you to personalize jewelry.  For example, you can add fingerprint to charms for a grainy feel or find crocheted works by local artists.  If you’re a fan of dainty accessories, try layering multiple necklaces for depth.


Source: Macy’s


I’ve had discussions with friends about our rings, and we have all agreed that we feel somewhat naked if we leave the house without them.  You don’t need to splurge in order to own a ring.  You can actually find fun costume jewelry in dollar stores, which can be practical for daily-wear.  Different styles can include a statement gem or be a simple band.  You may want to invest and customize your ring to who you are.  Popular options are those with your birthstone incorporated in it or even a high school or college class ring.  When you find the perfect ring, don’t be afraid to wear a few at a time, and should also consider midi rings.  These rings are tinier and are placed midway through your finger.  Don’t feel like you have to wait for a promise or engagement ring, and be the one to treat yourself with these ornamental accessories!


Source: Apple Inc.


Let’s face it, when we need to know the time we reach straight for our cell phone.  However, watches can be an eye catching accessory that serve this purpose, when our phones are out of reach of course.  You may want to buy a durable watch that can last through the accidental bumping of your everyday routine.  These watches can consist of features such as rubber bands and water resistance.  For a stylish upgrade, purchase a smartwatch such as an Apple Watch that offers a sleek face, interchangeable colored bands, and most importantly, WIFI!  This allows you to alter this staple accessory to your preference.  For a more polished and classic look, go for a “bracelet watch” which has standard shiny metal links.


Source: Ray-Ban


Depending on where you live, sunglasses may be necessary throughout the entire year or just seasonally.  I personally always carry a pair with me just in case the sun shines through on a cloudy day.  When the sun does make an appearance, use it as an excuse to wear a fun pair of glasses.  Sunglasses are very particular in that certain frames look best on certain face shapes.  Try looking over a shape guide before going into details such as preferred brand or color.  While the design of this accessory may be your main concern, it is also important that you find a pair with UV protection to actually protect your eyes.

Cross-body Bag

Source: Pinterest


From when you’re picking up an iced coffee in the morning to meeting up with friends at night, a cross body bag is an accessory you can use throughout the entire day.  It is practical because of it’s long strap when you’re holding a million other things, multiple zippers and openings for easy access, and its usual compact size.  Think about wearing this type of bag for daily use to make your life easier, serving as your purse and wallet.  In order for it to match anything, go for a neutral color and fabrics such as leather or nylon.

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