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9 Apps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution


10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Happy New Year! Cheers to a fresh start and making new memories. 2019 is sure to bring fun and exciting experiences, but sticking to your New Year’s resolution can make it event better. Even though we start off the year confident that we will keep up the hard work to fulfill our goals, most of them fall flat within a few months. To stay motivated and devoted to accomplishing your goal, use these handy FREE apps to help push you along.

New Year’s Resolution: Productivity

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Productivity is a large general goal that has many different goals within it. Finding enough focus and self-control to complete a task without being distracted by your phone is a challenge. But you can use your phone in a positive way to actually help you stay productive.

Hours Time Tracking is an app that allows you to plan out your day with customizable blocks of time for different tasks. You can plan in advance and start your timer once you start a new thing. You will get reminders of when to start and stop so you can work efficiently. If you truly need motivation and a competitive edge to hold yourself accountable, Forest is the way to go. It uses 25 minute intervals and persuades you to stay off your phone for that time. The incentive is growing a virtual tree if you don’t sign into your phone. If you successfully stick with it, you’ll grow many trees and eventually create a forest!

New Year’s Resolution: Health

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According to Statista, health related goals were the most popular New Year’s resolutions of 2018. You may want to eat healthier, exercise more, or change your entire routine for the better. Dedication and reasonable expectations are obviously the most important, but there are also many apps to help the process.

My Fitness Pal is one of the most popular apps for tracking your food consumption and for calorie counting. You can choose a plan for your personal fitness goal (ex: losing weight, toning up) and navigate which types of food should be eaten to healthily reach your goal. 3,2,1 is an exciting and efficient app that has 17 different high-intensity workout options that you’ll want to keep up with! Another option is the app, Sworkit, which is great for beginners. It aims to keep you involved and give you long-term results! Once you find your favorite workouts, you’ll be able to plan which ones to alternate between, and have fun doing them.

New Year’s Resolution: Budgeting

Money makes the world go round and with makeup pallet releases and trendy pop-up events, we tend to lose all self-control. If you need help fighting the urge to empty your bank account or want to save up so you can splurge on these things, take a look at these apps!

A really clever way to save money is to collect extra pocket change. Mint and Acorns help you save “pocket change” in the form of leftover cents from a debit or credit card purchase. Mint saves them in a separate account that you should not touch until you save up enough money. If you are in the process of transitioning into “adulting,” Acorns allows you to invest those precious pennies.

New Year’s Resolution: Self-care

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Self-care and wellness are the current buzzwords swirling around millennials and social media. We care about our bodies and mental health, so why not use a couple of apps that will help you maintain a balanced lifestyle? If you are trying to find the safest products to use on your body for skincare, makeup, hair styling and more, than ThinkDirty is perfect. The app allows you to scan the ingredient labels of products and inform you on possible toxins in them, along with a scale of how “green” it is. If a good night’s rest is your priority, Sleep Cycle uses sound recording to track your sleeping patterns. It figures out when you are in a light sleep in the morning so you don’t feel cranky getting up!

It doesn’t hurt to give these apps a try, so go for it! Hopefully they help in conquering your New Year’s resolution for 2019.

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