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7 Tips for Putting Your Wellness First


It’s easy to allow stress to get in the way of life and let your personal wellness take a backseat. Maybe you’re too busy with work, or you’re constantly putting others’ well being before your own. Whatever it is, it’s time to take a step back and evaluate your priorities. According to self wellness author Mike Robbins, “true self care is about honoring ourselves, caring for ourselves, nurturing ourselves, and loving ourselves — both for our own benefit and the benefit of everyone around us.” Follow these simple steps to put your wellness first and remember, it’s okay to be a little selfish.

1. Wellness – Take 30 minutes

It’s inevitable that some days will become super hectic and cause you stress. Take 30 minutes out of each day for some solitude. Do what makes you happy and feel calm. It can be meditating, reading a book, going for a walk, or absolutely nothing at all. Sometimes you should take even more than 30 minutes, and go for a personal day if you feel you need one. Everyone needs a little alone time, and you owe yourself that.

2. Plan something fun

A great way to break up stressful situations is to plan something you’ll look forward to. You can plan a fun weekend trip with your college friends, or buy tickets to a concert you’ve been dying to go to. Put your happiness first and start doing things that make you feel more in the moment.

3. Just say no

We spend such an excessive amount of time giving into obligations that aren’t real priorities. We program ourselves to feel compelled to over-commit to things we don’t even need to do. Start saying no to that extra volunteer meeting or that social engagement you have no desire to attend. When you stop spreading yourself so thin, you’ll feel so much better.

4. Budget your money

Money may seem odd to mention when it comes to wellness, but money can become one of the most stressful aspects of our lives. Whether you’re spending too much or limiting yourself altogether, it’s important to find a balance that works for your life and your piece of mind. Make a monthly budget based on the cost of your bills, how much you’d like to save, and a specific  amount you’d like to allot yourself for spending. This way, you’re taking care of the necessities while also giving yourself a budget to treat yourself here and there.

5. Use affirmations

Wellness affirmations can drastically change your inner script and how you view yourself. Your spiritual health is incredibly important. Instead of saying things like “I need to workout so I don’t get fat,” try saying things like “I appreciate and love my body so I will take care of it.” Words have power over our minds and bodies and make a huge impact on our overall wellness — more than you may think.

6. Incorporate self-care in your workout


Just because you work out, doesn’t mean that you’re fully putting yourself first. Try to add self-care to your workout routine. Pushing yourself too much at the gym won’t necessarily give you the results you seek in your fitness. Self-care in a workout will require mindfulness and patience.

7. Try something new

If you’re feeling like you’re getting into a slump, it’s a good time to shake things up. Stray away from your norm and try something new. Go to a different coffee shop than you normally would or get that jacket you love in your favorite store, but wasn’t sure if it was ‘you.’ One of the best ways to change up your daily routine can be planning small events that give you something to look forward to, like a date night with your significant other. You both could make it a little formal with a dress and a nice suit for a fancy dinner, or do something more casual like a movie night in sweats. Do something that breaks that cyclical routine.

Everyone wants to feel their best, but it’s easy to put your wellness at the end of your to-do list. Once you make yourself a priority, you’ll make time for your wellness and start feeling better and better each day. It’s important to put yourself first at times so that you can be your best for yourself and those you care about. By following any of these 7 steps, you’ll improve your wellness drastically.

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