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Beauty Gurus You Should Be Watching On YouTube


YouTube is full of different genres of content including cooking, gaming, comedy and much more. Some of my favorite kinds of videos to watch on YouTube include makeup tutorials and beauty hacks. There is something so satisfying about watching people put on makeup up close and it can actually teach you a few helpful tips during the process. If you aren’t too busy this summer working an internship, taking summer classes or sleeping, I highly suggest taking some time out of your day to watch some of the best beauty gurus on YouTube. Even if you don’t like beauty or cosmetics, most of the beauty gurus have a great sense of humor so they are enjoyable to watch. Below I am going to share with you some of my favorite beauty gurus to watch and hopefully you will like them too!

1. Jeffree Star

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Jeffree Star is one of the most popular beauty gurus and makeup artists on YouTube. Star has over 15M subscribers and uploads makeup tutorials, reviews, challenges and more. Star is adored by fans worldwide for his brutally honest makeup reviews and colorful tutorials. Along with Star’s YouTube success, he also has a makeup line called Jeffree Star Cosmetics that includes lipstickshighlighters, eyeshadows and lip scrubs. Star’s most recent upload was a video of him surprising his boyfriend with his dream car. While this isn’t a makeup tutorial, Star posts a wide variety of content making it appealing to people of all interests and ages. One of Star’s recent makeup videos was a review of his new Jawbreaker eyeshadow palette and collection which was released for the summer. I love watching swatches and listening to how he describes his own shades!

2. James Charles

Photo Credit: Instagram


If you have been on social media within the last few months, then you have probably seen the name James Charles appear somewhere on your feed. Charles is a relatively new beauty guru who rose to fame for being Covergirls first ever “CoverBoy.” There are mixed opinions about Charles because he tends to get himself involved in a lot of drama, but there is no denying that he knows how to apply makeup better than all of us. Charles has 15M+ subscribers which he likes to call “sisters” and posts makeup tutorials, challenges, and music covers. Charles has a phenomenal voice which he combines with his love for makeup and uses the two to create fun and interesting videos! 

3. Jaclyn Hill

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Jaclyn Hill has been a long time member of the beauty community on YouTube and is known for her makeup tutorials, shopping hauls and Q&A’s. Hill has a very special bond with her viewers and she is very honest and real about her personal life. I think Hill does an exceptional job at explaining the makeup process and actually showing her viewers how to apply the products. Hill has a tutorial for a trendy hot pink smokey eye and let me tell you, this is one of the most stunning looks I have ever seen. Jaclyn has 5M+ subscribers and is one of the beauty gurus that you can always rely on to be consistent with her uploads and high quality content.

4. Michael Finch

Photo Credit: Instagram

Michael Finch is a beauty guru and rising makeup artist on the YouTube scene. Finch is from Australia and is well known for his videos where he tests both high end and drugstore makeup products. One day I was scrolling through Instagram and I came across Finch and I was instantly captivated by his accent and outspoken personality. Even if you aren’t into beauty or cosmetics, Finch has videos for you. Some of his most recent uploads include day in the life vlogs and road raging with his mom. If you are in need of a good laugh, Finch will make you laugh until your stomach hurts!

5. Manny MUA

Photo Credit: Instagram

MannyMUA is the first man in makeup I ever came across on YouTube so he holds a special place in my heart and soon he will in yours too. Manny has been on YouTube for 5 years and is an incredible makeup artist with a brilliant energy. Manny is excellent at keeping up with the latest beauty and fashion trends taking over social media. Some of Manny’s most recent videos include him testing new viral over hyped makeup and reviewing the KKW body foundation. Not only is Manny an incredible beauty guru and makeup artist, but he has an infectious laugh and personality that will have you smiling from ear to ear. 

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