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Everything You Need To Know About Jeffree Star’s Jawbreaker Summer Collection


Are you in need of new makeup and beauty products for the summer? Jeffree Star has you covered with his Jawbreaker Palette & Summer 2019 collection. For those of you who don’t know who Jeffree Star is, let me give you a very brief history. Jeffree began his career in the music industry doing shows at Vans Warped Tour and eventually he ventured into makeup. Jeffree is known for his over the top makeup looks and his down to earth personality. 

While I love Jeffree, let me transition into talking about his Jawbreaker Palette & Summer 2019 collection. This collection was released on June 21 and has everyone on social media on their feet. The collection was inspired by his childhood adoration for sweets and sugar hence how the name Jawbreaker. The collection includes eyeshadow palettes, highlighters, lipsticks, apparel, and more. Let me break it down for you so you can decide what you want to buy if not all of it!

Jawbreaker Palette

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The Jawbreaker palette is Jeffree’s biggest palette to date with 24 stunning shades. This is the biggest palette that Jeffree Star Cosmetics has ever released and it is Jeffree’s take on what he calls a rainbow palette. The Jawbreaker palette is being sold for $58 and is one of the latest beauty trends. The palette consists of different formulas including mattes, shimmers and metallics. The names of the different shades stem from Jeffree’s fun and quirky side and he wanted to make his palette stand out on the shelf! 

The first row contains the shades: Virgin, Good Morning, Bubble Gum, Wow, Suck and Licorice. 

The second row contains the shades: Cute, F***, Gumdrop, Snack, Brainfreeze and Jawbreaker. 

The third row contains the shades: And What?, Orange Juice, Sour, Soaked, Raspberry and Cotton Candy

The fourth and final row contains the shades: Lemon Bite, Bite Me, Cherry Wet, Tasty, Cone and Delicious. 

As an avid user of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, I can attest to the fact that all of the shades I have tried previously are highly pigmented and easily blendable. Unfortunately I am unable to get the palette at the moment, but as soon as I can stay tuned for an in-depth review. The Jawbreaker palette is being sold by itself and in combination with the Mini-Breaker palette for $75.

Mini-Breaker Palette

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

The Jawbreaker collection also includes the Mini-Breaker palette which consists of 9 shades of mattes, duochromes, and glitters. This palette has different shades from the larger palette excluding Bubble Gum and Bite Me. This Mini-Breaker palette is being sold for $28 and is perfect for those who want to add more shades to their collection or test out Jeffree Star Cosmetics to see if they are right for them!

Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Jeffree Star rose to fame in the makeup industry with his velour liquid lipsticks and eye makeup and he has created 6 new shades for the Jawbreaker collection. The shades are Yes Ma’am (hot pink), Bronze Blood (metallic rose gold bronze), No Offense (acid chartreuse), Strawberry Crush (neon strawberry red), Purple Urkle (lavender with glitter) and Fully Nude (peachy warm nude). Each of the lipsticks are sold for $18 and in a bundle of 6 for $85. 

I have over 25 of the velour liquid lipsticks and let me just say that they are the best lipsticks I have ever had because they are so pigmented and long lasting.

Brainfreeze Pro Palette

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

This Brainfreeze pro palette was inspired by freezes at the movie theater and consists of 6 different highlighters. If there is one thing you need to know about Jeffree Star’s highlighters is that they are extremely blinding. This palette includes Cold Shoulder, Gold Breaker, Cocky, Statuesque, Frozen Fruit and Freeze Tag. 

Supreme Frost

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Supreme Frost highlighters are for those highlighting fanatics who like a bold and blinding wet look. These highlighters differ from the Skin Frosts because they have extreme payoff! The shades of the Supreme Frost include Diamond Wet, Candy Apple Drip, and Caramel Kiss. 

Lip Ammunition


Photo Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Along with the success of past Lip Ammunitions, Jeffree Star has decided to focus on glitter lipsticks for this summer collection. There are 6 shades in this collection including Glazed, Candy Freeze, Brown Sugar, Jawbreaker, Snowcone and Yummy. These lip ammo’s can be worn on their own or on top of a matte lipstick for a glittery effect. These are on sale for $18 each just like the velour liquid lipsticks.

Velour Lip Scrub

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

If your lips get dried out from always wearing lipstick, then you need this Velour Lip Scrub. This lip scrub is perfect for adding moisture to your lips and keeping them fresh and healthy. For the Jawbreaker collection, Jeffree added 3 more flavors including Pineapple Juice, Lemon Sucker and Cucumber Mint. Each unit costs $12 dollars and is well worth it if you constantly are wearing makeup and it is even edible! 

Other Merchandise From The Jawbreaker Collection

Photo Credit: Jeffree Star Cosmetics

In addition to the makeup, Jeffree also put out windbreakers, hand mirrors, makeup bags, accessory bags, track jackets, t-shirts, phone cases and track joggers. These products stay in theme with the rest of the collection with bright orange, acid chartreuse, and hot yellow. The items vary in price from $18-$55 depending on what you decide to buy. 

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