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Best Sleek Makeup Looks


Sleek makeup is easy to achieve, as long as you have the right tools and steps. The look is all about looking sharp, cool, and collected, from your face to your eyes. If you want a killer-look with your cocktail dress that will match just about anything, then we got you covered. Here are the best sleek makeup looks and tips to follow!

Sharp Winged Eyeliner

Photo Credit: GET IT – Northern KZN

To automatically achieve a sleek makeup look, you’re going to need killer eyes. This starts with the sharpest winged eyeliner around town! Stick with a black pen or gel, since this will give you the boldest line. Start right in the corner of your eyes, following your lash line completely across your eyelid. Once you get to the other side, extend the liner to the length of the tip of your eyebrow. This symmetry will add to your sleek look, and you’ll be able to conquer anything with a strong wing!

Killer Contoured Face

Photo Credit: YouTube

Just like how you make a line on your eyes, you must add lines to your face to show definition. This can be done with a sharp contour! Start by applying a primer and foundation to your face for a smooth surface. Then, take a bronzer and place it on the outside of your nose, underneath your cheek bones, the top of your forehead, and underneath your chin. It’s super important to blend this in completely so the lines are more subtle. Finally, add some highlight in designated spots for a natural, sleek glow.

Black Sleek Makeup

Photo Credit: Pinterest

To keep your makeup sleek, you should consider sticking to one eyeshadow color. This should be matte, preferably in a darker shade. We love how a black shadow looks! Simply sweep it across your eyelid with a fluffy angle brush, adding more pigment for a darker look. You can choose to leave your lids like this, or add some accent colors. Place either a gold, silver, or white shade in the corner of your eyes and on your brow bone. Add your mascara or falsies last, and you’ll be sure to make your eyes pop and stand out!

Eyebrows On Sleek

Photo Credit: Zoe Milan Studios – Tumblr

Eyebrows on fleek? What about eyebrows on SLEEK? The key to sleek makeup is making your eyebrows as clean and defined as possible. Start by properly grooming them, tweezing any stray hairs and cutting long strands. Then, outline your eyebrows with a brow pencil that’s closest to your hair color. Next, fill them in with the pencil, a brow pomade, or eyeshadow. You should be following your natural shape, adding a “tail” at the end for a sharper look. Finally, set in place with a mascara or gel, and you’re set!

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