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The Best Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season


Giving something back without expecting anything in return is an incredible feeling, even better than receiving a gift yourself. With the holiday season approaching, you may already be budgeting money on costumes, outfits, parties, and gifts for all your loved ones. Nonetheless, there are still many ways you can give back this holiday season without overspending. To get that warm-fuzzy feeling inside, try these easy ways to give back!

Give Back This Holiday Season by Volunteering at a Shelter

Photo Credit: Union Station Homeless Services

Especially if you don’t have cash to spare for donations, you can donate your time, which is just as valuable. Volunteer at a homeless or women and children’s shelter in food prep or meal service. The work is easy, and you’ll meet the people you serve one-on-one for the ultimate gratifying experience. Besides human shelters, you can also volunteer at an animal shelter. What’s better than being able to play with, walk, and take care of adorable dogs and cats for a few hours? You may even meet a new friend to take home for the holidays!

Give Back This Holiday Season by Donating Goods

If you have extra food laying around your place or a bunch of clothes you don’t wear anymore, a great option is donating. Collecting donations for a food bank is easy to do, and distributing the food to families and organizations in need is a great satisfaction. Start collecting items from your family, friends, and neighborhoods for a local food bank near you. They look for nutritious nonperishable items, such as whole grain foods and low-sodium canned meats, along with other items such as paper goods and school supplies.

If your family has gently used clothes, coats, sheets, or other textiles, give them to Goodwill or put them in a drop-off bin in your neighborhood. Faviana has an Upcycle Program for donating back your dresses, as others in your area collect your attire to give to people in a greater need for them. Let your great fashion sense live on with this courageous act from your very own closet and dressers.

Give Back This Holiday Season by Sending Military Holiday Cards

Members of the military sacrifice for our country every day. To show your appreciation for all that they do, you can send active-duty military and veterans festive holiday cards. It’s a thoughtful way to give back that’s low-cost, mailing them through your local American Red Cross chapter Holidays or Heroes program. Many don’t get to go home or be with their families during the holiday, so they’ll be grateful to hear from you and receive the support they deserve.

Give Back This Holiday Season by Using a Retailer’s Donation

You’re already purchasing gifts and many items for the holiday season with a variety of retailers. See if the stores you shop at promise to donate a product to someone in need with every purchase you make. You can check them out right here on BuzzFeed’s list of companies. On the other hand, you can also find retailers that allow you to donate a certain percentage of whatever you spend to a charity, such as AmazonSmile. Talk about killing two birds with one stone while gift shopping!

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