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Boho Summer Hairstyles


Boho summer hairstyles are all the rave. Attending a Gala? We have you covered. How about homecoming? Yup, we have that covered too. A boho inspired hairstyle will workout with just about any event. So, no matter the event that is happening, Faviana’s Guide to Boho hair is one of the chicest yet, effortless looks out there. We are to help you achieve it.

Start off a few hours prior to your event. Shower and apply shampoo and conditioner as usual. Next step will be to apply a sea- salt spray.

We recommend some of the following:

A sea-salt spray will give you the beachy texture that comes into play with a boho hair style.

After you have applied the sea-salt spray, you can do one of two things. Let your hair air dry or proceed to dry it with a blow dryer.

Nonetheless, hair is dry. Now we want to give our hair some volume and a little curl. I mean, we are going out this evening. A little curl is a must. Try out one of our favorite heating tools!

My personal favorite is the NuMe:

Put the heat on medium. We recommend picking certain sections throughout your whole head and slightly curling them, giving them more of a wave than a curl. When you pick only sections and not the whole head, it keeps the whole effortless feel going. If you decide to curl the whole hair, this look will still work.

Now you have a few choices, you can stop here with gorgeous, effortless waves (that will have amazing texture) or you can continue to the next step to take your boho-inspired look to the next level.

Next up, Braids

Happy to see you decided to take your look to the next level.

As you may know, braids have been super trendy the last few years. You’re in luck. Braids are a total must in this boho-inspired hairstyle. They will definitely kick it up a notch.

Now, pick different size sections throughout your hair. We suggest three to five different sized sections. Biggest being the diameter of a nickel and the smallest being well, as small as you can braid.

Continue by braiding these sections, leaving about an inch to two inches. Place a clear hair tie at the bottom. Slowly pull out the braid so that it becomes more full. Make sure to do this with all the braids, it really makes a difference.

After you have finished the braid, your look is complete. Add a headband or headpiece is you want a more boho feel. You can also try braiding in different colored ribbon or feathers. Can you say boho chic?

Ah! So that’s all the tips we have. Let us know your thoughts. Did we miss a tip you think would be perfect for this look? Let us know, comment below.

Did you decide to try out one of these tips or tricks? We’d love to see! Tag us on social media with your look: Instagram @glamandgowns or @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY