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Cool Hair Accessories to Wear This Season


Your wedding or homecoming hairstyle can look elegant enough on their own, but sometimes we want to add a personal and special touch to our ensemble. For those special nights or everyday wear, we compiled a list of cool hair accessories you can wear this season!

The Head Wrap

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Head wraps are a fairly new accessory to the hair game, but we’re already loving it. This edgy accessory can be worn everyday, whether you’re going out to the beach, to brunch, or an evening event. The difference between the head wrap and the ordinary headband is that it is placed over your hair and sits on top of your ears. The fabrics are super soft or silky, making it comfortable on your head for hours. The greatest part is that they come in endless colors and patterns, fitting to any style or look.

Hair Clip Accessories

Photo Credit: ASOS

Switch your ordinary butterfly clips for one of these unique ones. Hair clips are made in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles nowadays. Take advantage of the new technology and trends by looking at hair accessories from your favorite retailers. You’ll be able to pull your hair out of your face in style, whether you decide to pull it all back or half up half down. Either way, you’ll show off the intricate design that’s on your new hair clip.

Hair Jewelry

Photo Credit: Allure

Substituting pieces of jewelry for the typical clips and combs this season is very popular. Hair jewelry is seen on crystal brooches, enameled pins, and strands of pearls, decorating your hair with the right amount of sparkle. It’s effortless to add to your look, creating a style that appears young and innocent but also very sophisticated. This is the perfect, charming jewelry for prom and more formal events.

Barrette Cool Hair Accessories

Photo Credit: Loéil

The coolest barrettes this season give off a ’70s vibe. You can easily transform any ponytail by placing a barrette around the finished product. This accessory will not only keep your ponytail in place all day, but add a glamorous effect to your outfit. The metal pieces don’t just have to be used in ponytails though. You can wear it with all of your hair pulled to one side, or simply just a piece of hair dragged across from your face. Whatever you decide, the barrette will be sure to stand out and do its job.

Headband Hair Accessories

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

The last accessory is one that’s been around for a while, but will certainly never get old – the headband. You may have a dozen of these lying around, from thin to thick and in an array of colors. Moving away from the soft fabric though, headbands have transformed into various shapes and in a metal material. Gold or silver especially, halo headbands are made into leaves and other intricate designs to go with your fancy apparel. Nonetheless, these cool accessories aren’t just for show, as they still tuck away unwanted hair and help hold any hairstyle in place.

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