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Cutest Cafes In NYC To Visit This Summer!


New York is highly known for their cute cafes, which is why we wanted to show some cafe spot inspiration for your next trip to the big apple! With all of the cafes around the city, it is almost impossible to find all the ones you want to go to. With this guide, you can find some of New York City’s cutest cafes that will fit with what you’re looking for! 


If you’re a lover of Parisian food, Laduree is just for you! Known for their yummy macaroons, you can get that Parisian feel right in SoHo in NYC! Our gals, Brynn and Sarah, absolutely loved Laduree (as you can tell!). Located on 396 W Broadway, this cute cafe is in the heart of SoHo, so you can stop and have a break before getting your shopping on! With fantastic food and chic decor, you will be able to get those Instagram perfect photos while having a delicious snack!

Citizen’s Of Chelsea

One thing about New York is that cozy, coffee shop feel. Citizen’s Of Chelsea imitates that exact vibe with a chic twist! Having pops of seafoam green and plants to add for decor, how could this coffee spot get any cuter? Citizen’s of Chelsea is located at 401 W 25th St which is also near The High Line. If you haven’t walked on The High Line, you might want to do that too. Gotta get those steps in am I right?! 

Pietro Nolita

Where’s Regina George? Honestly, if Mean Girls was made in New York City, this would probably be their hangout spot. I guess it would be appropriate to go on Wednesday right? 😉Pietro Nolita is an iconic spot in New York because of the bright baby pink interior and exterior! I mean, look how cute! Get the best OOTD or foodie pics at this cute cafe. Located on 174 Elizabeth St in lower Manhattan, you can hop over to SoHo or Little Italy after visiting here! 

Cafe Medi is another cute and fun cafe that you must try when visiting NYC! With a more open-style ceiling, the natural light makes this cafe shine. Don’t forget those Instagram photos now, lighting is everything! 😉Located on 107 Rivington St., Cafe Medi is right near the East Village! Although, what is so interesting about this cafe in particular is the intricate designs on the wall and how they compliment the interior chairs. 

Ralph’s Coffee

Ralph Lauren and a coffee shop? With Ralph Lauren having their own branded coffee shop, it kind of resembles the perfect mash-up of Rachel Green from Friends. I mean, she did work at a coffee shop and worked at Ralph Lauren am I right? Ralph’s Coffee has a simple color theme with green and white, but it is just oh so cute! Ralph’s Coffee is located on 888 Madison Ave which is right by Central Park. Stop by here to get a cup of joe before exploring back out into the city!

Which one of the custest cafes are you visiting this summer? Comment below! 

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