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Decorate Your Pumpkin In Style


The Autumn season brings along with it an array of fall activities to participate in, one being pumpkin picking. Traditionally, people carve their pumpkins into scary faces or Halloween-themed designs. Nonetheless, let’s not think this is the only way to be creative with a pumpkin. Try out these different ways to decorate your pumpkin this season!

Decorate Your Pumpkin with Puffy Paint

Swap out regular paint for puffy paint, trust us on this one. This will give your pumpkin a 3D effect, creating a cool texture to feel and look at. Here you can let your artistic self design any pattern or saying you want in a variety of colors. It gives you a lot more freedom than carving, plus you can always start-over if you mess up. Try looking for glow-in-the-dark puffy paints to really set the Halloween mood at night!

Decorate Your Pumpkin with Sparkle & Rhinestones

Strange & Charmed

Release your inner fashionista and glamorous self with these decorations. You can leave your pumpkins how they are or paint them colors to match your own aesthetic. While the paint is wet, or with the addition of glue, bring out those loose sparkles and rhinestones you have lying around. The hint of glitter seems like an easy task, but it sure will leave your pumpkins shining effortlessly in the day and night. Try matching the colors of your room or the latest fall beauty trends!

Decorate Your Pumpkin with Thumb Tacks

DIY Network

If you don’t have any sequins around, you can always use alternative shiny materials. Thumb tacks are the easiest household hack to decorating pumpkins. Flawlessly spell out words, create designs such as a spiderweb, or cover the whole pumpkin in metallic by punching in these babies. No mess, no mistakes, just pure glam! It doesn’t get easier than that.

Decorate Your Pumpkin with Melting Crayons

You may have seen this arts and crafts trick on other projects, so why not try it on a pumpkin? This works best for white and light-colored pumpkins so the vibrant crayon colors can show. Start by hot-gluing an array of colored crayons around the top of the pumpkin. Next, take your hairdryer and blow the hot hair on each crayon until it is completely melted. You’ll see the crayons create a streak of color down to the bottom of the pumpkin. You’re then left with a colorful and fun creation to display. Just make sure to put down newspapers or complete this outside since it can get messy!

Decorate Your Pumpkin with Doily Patterns

A doily pattern looks elegant and intricate, while it’s super easy to achieve. You can use a doily as a stencil, spray painting through the hole of the designs in either white or black against the orange. On the other hand, you can use a doily fabric itself and hot glue it around the pumpkin. Whichever option you choose, your pumpkin will appear fancy and beautiful in a lace design.

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