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DIY Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Halloween’s in a couple of days…and you still don’t have a costume! It completely slipped your mind, you forgot, or you ran out of time to think and find something. Not to worry, you’re not the only one. Lucky for you, we compiled easy DIY last minute Halloween costumes you can create in seconds from your very own closet!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: The Party Animal

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Take your classic animal costume to the next level with this. Anyone can create a cat, mouse, or bunny face in seconds. To be a little more unique and add some effort, become a party animal. Dress up in solid clothes or past dresses from your closet to match your desired animal’s color, or pull out any animal-print attire you have. Then, simply add some party hats and streamers you have lying around your place from a previous birthday party. The result? A cute party animal ready to take on the holiday!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Sleeping Beauty

Photo Credit: Alibaba

This is the comfiest and best last-minute Halloween costume for those who love being comfy. Embrace your lazy-self by wearing your pajamas on Halloween. This DIY costume can actually go three ways. One, you can be an actual sleeping beauty. Wear your favorite cute pajamas, but do a full face of makeup with your hair done. On the other hand, you can simply be a kid in pajamas. This allows for more fun options, especially those feetie pajamas you’re dying to wear out. Put your hair in pigtails and grab a stuffed animal, and you have everything you need. As a last resort, if your feetie pajamas happen to already be a cartoon character or animal, simply wear it and go as that!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Scarecrow

To completely put your fall staples to use, go as a scarecrow. Grab your favorite flannel, and pair it with your favorite pair of blue jeans and brown boots. Try to find a brown sunhat or straw hat laying around, and pop that right on your head. So you don’t get mistaken for a farmer or cowgirl, apply simple stitch makeup to your face. You probably won’t get to scare anyone, but at least you now have a costume!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: Tourist

This is a hilarious look to exaggerate and embrace your inner tourist. Adding a fanny pack and camera to any outfit already makes you look like one, but add these key features to take it to the next level. Find a tropical pattern shirt, and tuck it into big khaki shorts. Wear flip flops with socks, and pretend you’re in the sun with a sunhat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. You’ll certainly give yourself and everyone else a good laugh!

Last Minute Halloween Costumes: 80’s Chick

One word: neon everything. That’s all you need to know to rock this Halloween as an 80’s chick. Pair all your bright color clothing together, getting to wear leg warmers, tights, and casual sneakers or pumps. Do your makeup with matching bright lipstick and glitter everywhere. Make sure to bring back a scrunchie and wear your hair in a side ponytail to complete the look. You’re officially set to dance the night away!

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