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DIY Halloween Costumes


After a long and hot summer, fall is finally here! One of the best parts about the fall time is Halloween. High school and college students are always looking for a cute and sexy Halloween costume that is also affordable. Luckily, we put together some creative “do it yourself” Halloween costumes that you can make with things you already have laying around! Check out these cute, affordable, and creative DIY Halloween costumes everyone will love! 

Gum Ball Machine

This is such a clever and sweet idea that is so simple to make! Use one of your old bralettes or tank tops as the top and cover the front of it with different colored pom-pom’s. Then, get a tight, red, high-waisted skirt, and write “25 cents” with a black sharpie in the front! If you don’t want to write on the skirt, you can write on a silver piece of fabric or felt. Throw on your favorite pair of heels and you’re done. This is such a creative and simple idea that will be a big hit on Halloween.

Pack of Cards

This is such a cute Halloween costume if you are looking to be something with a group of friends and stand out amongst the other costumes! All you have to do is get a white tank top or shirt and write which suit and number you would like to be. Wear a flowy or tight skirt, throw on some black heels, and you’re done!

Social Media DIY Halloween Costumes

Let’s be honest here…we all love social media. What better way to express that than through your Halloween costume? Simply take the color of the social media sign and make that your shirt color. For instance, for Snapchat you will wear a yellow shirt (clearly) and then cut out a little ghost symbol from felt and hot glue it onto the shirt. Pair the shirt with a cute yellow skirt and white shoes. You can do this for all forms of social media so you and your friends can match!

The Four Seasons

This is the most creative costume yet! All four seasons can be turned into costumes for you and your friends. For fall, all you need to do is make a crown and satchel of leaves, throw on a black shirt and a cute flowy skirt, and you are set! For summer, think bright! Wear a flower crown, a bright yellow skirt, and a denim top. For winter, channel your inner Elsa from Frozen! Pair a cute white top and a sequin skirt to give off a snowy effect. Lastly, for spring, focus on the beauty in flowers blooming and wear a floral top with a cute skirt!

You can be whoever or whatever you want for Halloween! We hope you try out one of these DIY Halloween costumes. If you do, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana, Snapchat @Faviana_NY, and Twitter @FavianaNY. Also, remember to subscribe to our Youtube channel for more fun vlogs!


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