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Dramatic Makeup Looks Made Easy


Dramatic makeup is easy, considering you can never over do it. The more makeup, the more dramatic you look, which is exactly what we’re going for. Many bold makeup looks are taken into consideration, with an extra dramatic factor of course. Here we make dramatic makeup made easy for all of those drama queens out there!

What is a dramatic makeup?

Dramatic makeup is all about unleashing your creativity and making a bold statement with your look. It's a fun and expressive style that features striking colors, defined lines, and intense techniques to create an eye-catching appearance. You can experiment with vibrant eyeshadows, bold lip colors, and daring eyeliner designs to showcase your unique personality and make a statement wherever you go. So, don't be afraid to play with makeup and have fun expressing yourself with dramatic looks!

Big, Twiggy Eyelashes

Photo Credit: YouTube

Go big or go home, right? When achieving a dramatic makeup look, you don’t want to be afraid to make your eyelashes exaggerated. Add a few coats of mascara on your upper and lower lash to make them appear darker and fuller. If your lashes need some extra love, add some falsies. Then, using a fine-tipped liquid liner, sketch small “ticks” on your lower lash line. This instantly makes your eyes look bigger, and you’ll be rocking a Twiggy vibe into your look.

Thick, Long Eyeliner

Photo Credit: YouTube

We’re talking next-level cat-eye. Don’t worry about making your line too thick on top, because the thicker the eyeliner, the better! This works best with a black, liquid eyeliner. Once you form a thick line, it’s time to extend the line. Draw the line past the inner corner of your eyes for a more dramatic effect. You can even add a matching line underneath your lashes! For a more dramatic effect, try different colored eyeliners.

Dark, Smokey Eyeshadow

Photo Credit: YouTube

Besides a load of eyeliner and mascara, you’re going to need to add some dramatic eyeshadow. To achieve this, we suggest going with dark and smokey colors. Try a coal black eye, which will stand out with some dewy highlighted cheekbones. Or, add in some metallics for a mixed-metal effect. Blend silver into gold and create a sexy smokey eye. The different layers of metallic shadow into a darker matte shade adds depth. Not to mention, the shimmery shadows in your crease and lid will make your eyes brighter!

Bold, Defined Brows

Photo Credit: TashieTinks

What’s a dramatic eye without dramatic eyebrows? Grab every single brow product you have for this one. Start by lining the top and bottom of your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, shading in lightly in the middle. Once you have a defined shape down, it’s time to fill them in. Use your fav eyebrow shadow or pomade to fill in every white space you see. Finally, perfect the shape and definition by going over your brows with a brow mascara.

Dramatic Makeup Lips

Photo Credit: YouTube

Besides dramatic eyes, you have to give your lips some drama, too. Easily create dramatic lips by using a bold color. Start by outlining your lips a little outside your natural lip line to create a fuller look. Then, fill them in with a color that is close to your lip liner shade. We suggest reds, blacks, and browns to really make your lips standout and finish your dramatic look!

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