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Easy Holiday Nail Designs


You have your holiday dress, so let’s not forget about your holiday nails! There’s an array of designs and colors to choose from, but we kept it simple for you. Here are some easy holiday nail designs you can do yourself!

Holiday Nail Designs: Sparkle Ombre

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If you love simple and basic manicures, then opt for sparkly nails. This is also the easiest holiday nail design to do, perfect for beginners. Start buy picking a light-colored base coat on all your nails, such as white or a light pink. Then, the next part is up to you! You can either designate solely your ring finger to receive all the glitter, paint all of your cuticles in glitter, or just do the tips. No matter which way you choose to sparkle, make sure you pick a glitter nail polish that fits the holiday vibes. Pair this with a black holiday dress such as Faviana Style S7999 to really make your nails stand out!

Holiday Nail Designs: Gift Wrap

Your holidays are probably filled with a lot of gifts, so why not rock them on your nails too? You can effortlessly achieve a gift wrap design in just a few easy steps. Start with a popular base coat color, such as Bordeaux. Faviana Style 7910 is the perfect match! Then, using a paintbrush or tape, create a line across the center of your nail, both horizontally and vertically. For this you can use a silver or gold polish. Finally, create a bow if you have the ability, or simply place a small bow on your ring finger. Add on a top coat, and you got yourself 10 presents!

Holiday Nail Designs: Snowflake

The best part about this nail design, is that every snowflake is unique. Therefore, you don’t have to make all of your snowflakes match, and there’s plenty of room for fun with this easy design! Start with a blue base color and let it dry completely. Then, start your snowflake by painting a simple “X” as big or as small as you’d like. This can be done with a thin paintbrush or with a toothpick. Afterwards, paint another, slightly smaller “X” that interlocks with the first. Add a few spiky details to each arm of the snowflake and finish up with a top coat to seal the design! If you feel like adding a bit of sparkle, you can even paint a few nails with glitter.

Holiday Nail Designs: Candy Cane

You can’t go wrong this holiday season with red and white nails like a candy cane! Begin with a white base coat and let the polish dry completely. Then, apply small strips of tape to designate the stripes. Do this diagonally, making as many as you want and how thick you want. Once the tape is securely pressed down on all parts, paint two coats of a red polish on top of the nails. Let the paint dry fully, then gently peel off the tape. On the other hand, if you have a small paintbrush and you’re good with nail art, then paint on the stripes directly yourself. When everything is done, finish with a top coat and enjoy your holiday!

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