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5 Easy Elegant Hairstyles You Can Do By Yourself


Every girl dreams of being able to create professional salon looking hair, at the comfort of her own home. Because, let’s be honest, most of us can’t afford to get our hair and makeup done every morning. As awesome as it would be to live life like a Kardashian, we all don’t have that luxury. We’ve rounded up five elegant hairstyles that are effortless, and chances are, they will take you under 8 minutes to complete.

Elegant Hairstyle #1: Side Braid

Elegant Side Braid
Source: Style Bistro



If you know how to do a basic braid, you’re going to be able to nail this look. First things first: make sure your hair is parted to one side. Next, grab about three inches in thickness of hair, which should be on the same side of your head that your part is on. Split that small section of hair into three parts, and begin braiding. This is where it gets a little tricky, as you braid, grab a new small section of hair and add it into the big braid. Continue this process all the way down your hairline. It’s extremely important to pull the braid tight, especially the pieces closest to your ear, unless of course you want a loose looking braid. Once you’ve reached the bottom of your ear, secure the braid with a hair tie, preferable one that matches your hair so that the hair tie doesn’t take away from the braid. Leave your hair down, or throw it in a ponytail. You’ll be looking chic either way.

Elegant Hairstyle #2: Half up Flower Braid

Half up Flower Braid
Source: Pinterest

Girly, elegant and easy, what else could you ask for in a hairstyle? To begin creating this look, gather two sections of hair from both sides of your head. It will look best if you grab about 3 inches of hair in line with your temples, then bring the two sections into a small ponytail in the back of your head. After, braid the ponytail all the way down to the ends and tug at different sections of the braid to make your hair look more voluminous. This will give the braid that “flower inspired look.” Lastly, spin the braid around to create a small bun and secure it with bobby pins. Chances are, you’re going to have to tug at the bun, pulling out parts of the braid to create the perfect look, but I promise you this look is going to be elegant as ever in less than 8 minutes.

Elegant Hairstyle #3: High Ponytail

Source: Pinterest

Not only does this pony transition from day to night, but it’s super easy. The number one way to nail this look is to make sure your pony is completely centered in the middle of your head. Once you’ve found the center, put your pony up and make sure your hair is smooth all the way around. Take a small section from underneath the ponytail and braid it. Then, take that small braid and wrap it around the elastic hair tie. This hides the ugly hair tie and also secures the ponytail. After, take small sections of hair starting from the middle of the ponytail and begin to slightly tease at the root, then hairspray each section. The last step is to go in with your hair spray and slick back any fly-aways and baby hairs. This sleek hairstyle is guaranteed to stay intact all day and night.

Elegant Hairstyle #4: Double- Knotted Pony

Source: Pinterest

This look will definitely look best if you have thicker hair, but don’t worry thin haired girls, you can give it a try also. If you have thin hair but love this look, it might help to throw a few curls in your hair before starting. This will give your hair volume and ultimately make your hair look thicker. To begin, separate your hair into two sections, and then cross them over and create a low knot at the bottom of your head. Then, tie another knot right under the knot you just created. Secure the two knots with a thin hair tie and then take a small piece of hair and wrap it around the hair tie. This will give the illusion that your hair is just naturally amazing, and can stay like this on its own.

Elegant Hairstyle #5: Triple Ponytail

Source: Pinterest

Stand out and be elegant in this triple pony do. To start, section your hair into three sections, starting from the middle of your head, working your way down. Then, take clear elastic hair ties and tie those three sections one on top of the other. Next, flip the tail ends up, tuck them in between one another and pull them out through the bottom to create the tails. Finally, tuck the top two ponytails down through the bottom ponytail. This will make the ponytails all look like they are connected, for a killer ponytail look.

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