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Guide to a Vintage Look


Are you craving a retro flare to one up your upcoming evening events? Do you see authentic victory rolls in your future but you aren’t quite sure how to conquer this kind of look without looking to flashy and out there? Faviana’s Guide to a vintage look is the perfect solution to your problem. Keep reading to pursue your ultimate vintage look.

Red lip

Yes, I know this classifies as makeup but in this case, red lip stick is a key essential to nailing your vintage look. Imagine if Holly Golightly forgot her pearls on Breakfast at Tiffany’s – it would be madness. So don’t forget it! It will throw an instant Hollywood glam feel to any look. So go on, try it!


Try finding capped gloves for this look. Having them will give you a timely feel, 40’s to be exact. Go for a satin pair that matches your dress or that contrasts it (in a fashion forward way). This will give the look a polished feel.


Finding a bird cage head piece will throw an instant vintage theme to your evening out. Make sure that this is playing up your outfit just enough but, not over powering it to make it look like a costume.


Shoes are always a fun addition when deciding to attach a theme to an outfit. Lucky you, most of the shoes today have been inspired by history. That means that designers have been inspired by past fashion. The saying, “fashion repeats itself”? Yeah, it’s actually a thing.

Here are some of our favorite retro-inspired finds.

The Bag

And just like the shoes, most inspiration for the modern day bags comes from past decades and icons. But the cool thing about your bag accessory is that you could easily stumble into a Goodwill, second-hand store, or your grandmothers closet and find a vintage clutch to spice up an outfit.


The whole thought process behind having a vintage theme is to place items that will give your overall look an antique flare. Whether it is the bag, the headpiece or the classic red lip, do you and what you believe will work. So be it, if you think channeling your inner pin-up girl is what is best for you. Make this look totally you and without a doubt it will be a constant head turner. At the end of the day, make sure to have fun with this! Confidence is the key to rocking any bold look, so wear it proudly as you strut into your next summer event!

As you may know, we would love to see how you conquer this look. If this seems up your alley and you decide to try it, we really do want to see it. So, make sure to let us know, comment below, find us on social media: @glamandgowns@Faviana_NY, and @FavianaNY. Because we totally want to see how you rock these vintage accessories.