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The Perfect Vintage Makeup Looks


Do you have a special occasion coming up? Do you have a love for all things vintage? If so, continue reading guide to the perfect vintage makeup look. That’s right, we are giving you inside tips to the perfect vintage makeup look.

When Faviana thinks vintage, we throw it back to the iconic ones. Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and, Twiggy. Here are some tips to embrace your inner vintage star. We hope you love them as much as we do!

Audrey Hepburn – Beautiful, Big Eyelashes

If we were to place Audrey in 2016, she would be the girl rocking a natural glam look. Her effortlessness is a total head turner and a must-know for everyone and makeup look is a constant go to for girls all over. Her long lashes, winged liner, and nude lip will forever and always be a classic.

To achieve this look make sure to remember:

  1. Winged Liner – We love Kat Von D tattoo liner. Perfect for the beautiful liner look.
  2. Long Lashes – Two things. 1. Make sure they are jet black. 2. You can’t go wrong with House of Lashes.
  3. Your go to pinky-nude lip – We know not everyone has their go to figured out… So this gives you the perfect excuse to go out and find it for yourself!

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Marilyn Monroe – Classic Red Lip

We would like to date the red lip all the way back to Marilyn Monroe. This shade is almost as iconic as she is, if not more. Marilyn’s classic flare and scandalous endeavors will forever keep her a Hollywood star, along with the red lip.

To achieve Marilyn vintage look:

  1. The Classic Red Lip – Reds come in all different shades in sizes. It’s good to know if a blue undertone red or orange undertone red works best for your skin tone. It’s like finding your perfect nude, it’s a total must.
  2. Winged Liner – Again, Kat Von D is our girl. This liner is incredible.
  3. Strong Eyebrows – Want to fall in love with your brows again? Go to an Anastasia of Beverly Hills brow bar and they will really show you how to work with what you’ve got. Afterwards, your brows will be #OnFleek!

Combine this Marilyn Monroe makeup look with our beautiful cocktail dresses.

Twiggy – The Eyes 

We all know that our girl Twiggy is an iconic model of the 60’s. Her doe eyes and freckled face keep people staring. Her eye make-up will forever be an iconic symbol of the sixty’s mod chic.

Want her look? Remember:

  1. Find the longest falsies and apply them
  2. Find a “how-to” Twiggy makeup tutorial
  3. Add a pastel color to your eyelids for a unique touch

Combine this Twiggy makeup look with our amazing formal dresses.

We want to know what vintage look you love most! Have fun rocking any one of these vintage looks at your next event. Whether it’s prom, you’re a guest of a wedding, or maybe you are already preparing for Halloween party coming up these looks will be perfect.

If you try out any of these looks make sure to tag us on our Instagram @Faviana or Twitter @FavianaNY!


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