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Tips to the Perfect Glam Makeup


Are you someone that likes to go over the top for your outings? Is ‘Glamorous‘ your middle name? Well, this article is for you! Whether you’re attending your senior prom or running off to your next black-tie gala event, Faviana’s Tips to the Perfect Glam Makeup will be perfect for you. The best thing about glam makeup is that you can customize it to fit you!

Helpful hints when curating the perfect glam makeup:

1. Add Glitter

We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but second place has to go to glitter. Adding some makeup glitter or heavily pigmented shimmery eye shadow will bring your glam look to the next level. A quick tip, take an eye shadow brush and before placing any eyeshadow on the brush, spray it with some finishing spray. This will act as a glue for when you apply your shimmery shadow to your lid. It will give the shadow a bolder appearance. It will be worth it, trust me.

2. Add Highlight

An intense highlight is a must when it comes to a Glam Makeup. Becca Cosmetics have some to-die-for highlighters that will change your life. Add the highlighter to the highest points to your face for the perfect result. Even add a little to your brow bone and cupid’s bow. Trust me, you will thank us later.

Haven’t heard of strobing? Head over to our strobing guide for an in-depth description on the new contouring. It will give you the JoLo glow you’ve always wanted.

3. Add Contour

We have heard over and over again from Kim Kardashian to your favorite YouTubers about how important contouring is. Well, they are right, especially for this look. Using the ‘E‘ or ‘3‘ effect on your face will create the contour look you’re hoping for.

First, start out at your temple, apply your bronzer a ‘E‘ or ‘3‘ direction, Then, come to the middle of your cheek, and end the stroke at the end of your jawline/chin area. Make sure to blend like crazy! We don’t want you looking streaky on your special night.

4. Falsies

False lashes are what, really gives you your glam look, it’s the dramatic feel. What’s so great about this step is that you can really add whatever lashes that suit you. You need to pick lashes that you love, that you feel your look embodies. Here at Faviana, we like to “go big, or go home.” With that day, the more dramatic, the better.

5. The Lip

This is where you can customize your look to fit you. Whether, you want a red vintage red or a bright purple, it’s up to you. Here at Faviana we love when people celebrate themselves. That means, embrace that color you’ve been loving. Want some in-depth steps on the perfect bold lip? Head over to our guide to the perfect bold lips.

Need a dress to go with your glam look? We suggest you check out Faviana’s cocktail dresses collection to complete this fabulous look.

We hope you enjoyed our tips to conquer the perfect glam makeup look. We know that you will looking stunning as ever at your event. Don’t forget to show us your glam looks by tagging us on Instagram @Faviana and on Twitter @FavianaNY.


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