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How to Achieve an Elegant Makeup Look


Have no idea how to do your makeup for your next big event? Here are 5 examples of what you can do to have all eyes on you! Literally, you might be the center of attention… keep reading for tips on how to achieve an elegant makeup look!

Simple Wing and Bold Red Lip

Source: Youtube


Nothing is more classic than rocking a red lip and a winged liner. It’s one signature look that everyone can achieve. A classic red lipstick is one of the most traditional makeup products in the makeup industry. It’s very bold and shows confidence when wearing it! Plus, it looks great on every skin tone. Plus it makes your teeth look extra white, I’m serious. When choosing a red lip, make sure it has a blue undertone, the red lip will look more true to color. Given that you want to achieve an elegant look, make sure you snag up a matte lipstick or liquid lip. When red is matte, it looks more classic than if it were glossy.

Elegant Monochromatic Look

Source: Pinterest


Coordinating your eyeshadow or lip color to your outfit has currently been very trendy and is very easy to accomplish. Basically it is keeping your eyes, lips, and cheeks within one shade range. Start off by picking a shade that complements your skin tone and keeping the other products in the same color family. Basically your eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick should be around the same color!

Gold Bronzy Halo Smokey Eye

Source: Pinterest


This makeup is for the brown eyed girls out there! To make brown eyes pop, bronzy tones and gold glitters do the trick. When doing a halo eye, you want to deepen the inner and outer corners of your eye with a dark shadow, and leave the center of the lid blank. With the center, you want to put a bold gold eyeshadow so your eyes can pop. The Pur Cosmetics Soiree Diaries Palette has nice neutral tones to accomplish the smokey eye look! Liquid/ Cream Eyeshadow has been the new “it” product and is a great way to get a metallic pop to the center of the eyes. 

Cut Crease

Source: Lush Makeup Ideas

A cut crease eye makeup look has been dominating social media and everyone has been trying it! If you’re wondering what cut creasing is, it basically enhances and defines the crease of the eye. Unlike smokey eyes, the cut-crease uses a contrasting shade and little blending, and makes the eyes appear bigger by creating separation between the crease and the upper eye area. Practice makes perfect with this eye look and we challenge you to do it too!

Black Smokey Eye 

I love a simple black smokey eye. It’s fierce and sexy and actually very easy to accomplish! Start off with a cream black shadow as a base on your lid. The NYX cosmetics jumbo eye pencil in “Black Bean” is very easy to use. You want a base so when you apply a black eyeshadow on top, it will appear more true to color. After the base, apply the black shadow on your lid and pack it on. When you get it to the intensity you like, take a light brown shade to blow out the crease so there are no harsh lines. Apply some mascara and lashes and you’re done!

We know deciding how to do your make up for a important event can be a little challenging because with these makeup looks you sure will look put together and you look elegant while doing it! And check our are article about useful makeup tips and tricks.


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