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How To Be Prepared For A Promposal


Hey ladies, are you wondering when that secret boy crush of yours is going to ask you those seven words that will just make your heart melt: “Will you go to prom with me?” Are you nervous you may not be prepared for this big moment? Well, Faviana is here to help you with a guide on: How to be prepared for a promposal. This proposal will probably be the second best proposal of your life ladies, and we want you to be ready!

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What even is a Promposal?

Exactly how you read it. Someone is proposing the idea that you go to prom with them. How romantic, right? A promposal can range anywhere from a simple question to an extravagant display. No matter how that lucky guy asks you to prom – the gesture is always romantic and sweet.

Shop Early To Be Prepared For A Promposal

Although you are pondering everyday when your crush will propose the idea of going to prom with you, you must not wait around! Thinking about a date should be the least of your worries because your main concern should be yourself! Go shopping early and find just the right prom dress to make your night perfect. Figure out what shoes will match best, if you need any accessories, and how you want to style your hair. Then when your hot crush drops the big question on you, not only can you say yes, but you can also tell him what color tie to wear! 

Pick Out Your Outfit To Be Prepared For A Promposal

You want to make sure you are wearing your best outfit when someones asks you to prom. You have to look good in the photos, am I right? Every girl has an outfit in their closet that they are absolutely in love with. So, set it aside for this perfect day! If you don’t like anything you currently have, take a trip to mall. Doesn’t hurt to look at least! But how do you know what day to wear your perfect outfit? Try to get your friends to find out or see if his friends will even drop hints. Or you could always dress up every day until prom in hopes one of those days will finally be THE day.

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How To Be Prepared For A Promposal – Inform Your Friends

The biggest discussion throughout your friend group has been prom everything for the last few months. All you can talk about is what dress to buy, how will you style your hair, who will ride in the limo, where will we take before prom pictures, and of course, who will escort you to prom! Ensure that all your friends are ready for your big moment with you. Because while you are getting proposed to prom, you want your friends to be there with you for your big moment, and of course capture all of the action photos from beginning to end. Did a promposal even happen if your friends weren’t there?

How To Be Prepared For A Promposal – No Date, No Problem!

Don’t want to wait around for a guy to ask you to prom – ask your friends! Maybe you already decided as a friend group to go together, but why not be creative and prom propose to your friends! It will be a fun activity to put together, and I’m sure will put a huge smile on your friends’ face. Then in twenty years down the road, you can look back at your friendship and all the adorable memories you girlies made together. No date? No problem!

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