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How To Complete Pageant Paperwork


Ever want to re-live prom night over and over again and never knew how?! Well ladies, entering a pageant is your next best thing! Pageants are full of the glitz and glamour that you encounter on prom night. If you ever wanted all eyes to really be on you, then sign yourself up for a pageant! Being in a pageant has many perks like getting dolled up, showing off your talents, making new friends and connections, and it looks great on your resume. If you have ever signed up for a pageant before or are signing up for your first time ever, filling out paperwork is necessary before beginning. Here are the three most important steps on how to complete pageant paperwork the right way!

First Rule on How To Complete Pageant Paperwork – Proofread!

When filling out or writing any form of pageant paperwork, it is crucial to proofread for spelling errors. If you are handwriting your paperwork, you must make sure your handwriting is neat and legible. Read over your pageant paperwork multiple times. If your paperwork is done online, don’t always rely on the computer’s spell check, as sometimes even the computer can miss the error! Also have someone else proof read your paperwork as well, especially if it will be seen by judges. You don’t want to hand in any type of paperwork with even one spelling error. You want the judges to know you are serious about this pageant and you are ready to kill it!

Second Rule On How To Complete Pageant Paperwork – Make Yourself Shine!

When completing your pageant paperwork, you really want to outshine the competition. Make sure everything is in there that you want to say. This is your time to shine, no one else is going to shine for you, so get in all your best qualities. Your best qualities is what makes you, YOU, and is what will be noticed by the judges. Take your time to gather your thoughts, think about all of your accomplishments thus far, and the goals you have. Putting together a well-thought out, attention-grabber about yourself is a great start to get ahead in the game!

Last Rule On How To Complete Pageant Paperwork – Be On Time

Lastly, when completing all of your pageant work, you must submit your payment when its due and on time. Not only does submitting paperwork late look really bad, but you may not even be accepted if its not on time. You don’t want to go through all that hard work, just to get a denied entry because you missed the deadline. Write down all important dates when signing up for a pageant and stay on top of them. If this is something you are truly passionate about, then you will get it done on time!

By completing these three steps when filling out your pageant paperwork, this will make you look professional and in it to win it. You want to make sure you shine bright from the moment you sign up until the moment you step off the stage. There’s no better way to win that title and crown than being prepared and confident.

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