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How To Fix Broken Makeup


How many of you just throw your makeup away once it is broken? It just slipped out of your fingers and splattered all to the floor. “Oh noooo” we scream! Well ladies, its time to start saving your money, because we have the solution for broken makeup. Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to fix broken makeup, that is not only easy, but can be done right from your home.

Materials Needed

Three simple household items are all you need to fix broken makeup. A spoon, some plastic wrap, and rubbing alcohol. Now lets fix that broken makeup!

How to Fix Broken Makeup

The first step is to gather all the broken pieces into the original container and crush them all together. It’s okay if your makeup fell out of the container, just mush it all together because it will be back in one piece before you know it!

After you have gathered all the broken pieces back into it’s original container, you are going to grab your spoon and rubbing alcohol. Pour a few drops of rubbing alcohol onto the spoon, and add this to your broken mix. Make sure to only add a few drops, not a lot is needed! Let the rubbing alcohol soak into the mixture. Then you will want to pack down the mixture in the container.

Next, you will want to place a piece of plastic wrap over the top of the makeup. Make sure to completely cover the container. You can smooth it down by using either your finger or  the back of the spoon. Once your makeup is all smooth, all you have to do is wait! Letting it sit overnight will give the best results. Wake up the next morning with your makeup looking fresh and brand new!

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