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How to Layer Up For Prom


Now that you have your prom dress, and your amazing shoes, and makeup look picked out, what about the layer you might need! Wether the weather doesn’t cooperate, or there is just a chilly breeze in the air, its always a good idea to plan on bringing some kind of jacket or wrap just in case. We have gathered a list of ways to keep warm while staying stylish for any event, not just prom. Here are Faviana’s tips for How to Layer Up For Prom!

Edgy Jacket

If your prom look is all about looking punk rock, a leather jacket is a no-brainer. If you’re rocking a short red cocktail dress, a cropped black leather jacket would effortlessly complete your edgy look. For a softer look, try a light brown or pastel colored leather jacket, this will add a springy vibe!

Chic Wrap

The ZSpace

If you are looking for a timeless, chic look, perhaps a silk wrap is more your style! You can either match your prom theme colors, or contrast them for a color blocked look. For example, say you have a gorgeous floor length red prom dress, try a white or cream wrap to accent your dress.

Casual Denim

Say your prom look, or spring event look, is a bit more casual- go with a denim jacket. You could even do a DIY prom dress layer, and add some cool patches or personalized embroidery to your jacket. Even if you just throw the jacket over your shoulder for the entrance, it will make for cool pre-prom photos!

Classic Cardigan

If you are expecting chilly weather, a cozy cardigan might just be the answer to you style crisis. Look for a loose flowy sweater that will keep you warm but also not overwhelm your style. Black is always a good color for keeping you warm, and matches everything.

Don’t forget that a layer can become part of your fabulous outfit, or simply be something you wear to keep toasty before tucking it into your bag. The key is to be ready for anything! Check the weather in the days leading up to prom, and bring an umbrella to ward off possible rain. There is no such thing as over prepared! Pro tip: bring a layer then give it to your mom or best friend to take home after your arrival.

Bold Bomber

Sweet Monday

Bomber jackets are some of our favorite trending items for spring 2017, so why not add one to your prom look? A silk bomber is a perfect balance between girly and edgy, and can accent any event outfit. How about a bomber with floral embroidery to make it springy? Make your look effortlessly cool with a bomber as a layer.

Do you have a cute idea for how to keep warm but stay on trend for prom? How about your favorite way to layer up for prom? Let us know by commenting below or by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY & Twitter @FavianaNY.



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