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Faviana’s Guide To Color Blocking


Do you enjoy the simplicities of life, but still want to show a little personality in your everyday outfit? Color blocking is a perfect way to do that! Whether it’s green and aquamarine or yellow and bordeaux, Faviana is here give you the best tips to creating the perfect color blocked accent for a gorgeous evening out, without being an eye-sore.

Picking the right color is essential in making this color blocking madness happen, without overwhelming your look. So when deciding your dress color, keep in mind that complementary colors work best. If you have a blue dress, try a red or orange clutch. This will keep your look bold and eye-catching, instead of over the top.

1. Go Bold or Go Home

Color blocking is a statement, so let’s not mute it by pairing dull colors and losing any highlight. Sometimes pastels make the perfect statement for an occasion, but if you are looking for a bold look, go for the bright colors. The easiest way to make your look flow is to have a solid base color, and then focus on your accent colors. The options are limitless!

2. Accessories 

When committing to an evening out with color blocking, accessories are key. Having your shoes, clutch or jewelry as your contrasting color will be a for-sure head turner. When doing this, try to stick to three colors total in your color blocking as this will keep your look chic, and not too busy.

3. Patterns

So you already have a dress, and it has a gorgeous pattern? No worries, color blocking still works! Find an accent color in the dress that is the least obvious, and play off of it. Have that color be your statement color for your clutch, shoes or even hair piece. This will make your dress pop, and bring together a tasteful outfit.

4. Neutrals

More of neutrals girl? Color blocking can make a beautiful statement with a light colored background. For example, with a white dress, you have endless choices for color blocking! You can even mix it up a little with a toned back base and have two colors to contrast. What about an ivory dress? Adding coral accessories to an ivory or cream dress would be the perfect prom look add-on, or great for a spring or summer wedding!

5. Black

Looking for the ultimate backdrop for color blocking? Going with a black dress for your base will perfectly highlight whatever complementary colors you choose, creating a beautiful and polished look.

Whether it is for your prom, a wedding or a fun date night, color blocking is such a fun and easy trend to accent your fabulous outfit! Confidence is key to rocking any look, so pick your favorite colors and put together an outfit that makes you feel your absolute best.



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