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How to Make the Smokey Eye Summer Friendly


You may have the smokey eye mastered, but what about a summer smokey eye? When it comes to summer makeup, we like the “less is more” mantra. Therefore, your summer eye makeup should be light, sweat-proof, and breezy. Here we show you exactly how to make the smokey eye summer friendly this season!

Make the Smokey Eye Summer Friendly With Prep


Just like any makeup look, you need the appropriate prep work to make it last. Especially in the summertime, you need your smokey eye to stay on. Start by using a concealer brush, and apply a concealer or primer all over your lid. This will help your eyeshadow stick to your skin better. If your lids are oily, then apply a mattifying product first, then the concealer on top. Finish it off with dusting powder, and then create your summer smokey eye!

Take Advantage of Pink Palettes

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The ultimate trick to making your smokey eye summer friendly is creating it with pink eyeshadow palettes. Not only is the pink color great for summer, but it makes your eyes appear more natural for your overall makeup look. Choose 3 colors from off-white, pink, peach, and copper shade groups. Apply the lightest hue with a hint of shimmer all over your lid, the dark hue at the lash line and toward your outer eye, and one medium hue used in the middle to blend it all together.

Avoid Using Liquid Eyeliner

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Between the humidity and extreme temperatures, summer is not the best time for liquid eyeliner. If this is your go-to look, then by all means ignore this point. However, if you want a more summer-friendly look, then skip the cat-eye. Not only is it a challenge to conquer every day, but it’s a challenge to keep it looking fresh with the heat. A summer smokey eye requires less makeup and fewer smudges.

Replace Your Eyeliner with Eyeshadow

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Who needs liquid eyeliner when you have eyeshadow? Use powder eyeshadows to line your lashes for a softer, more subtle look. This will avoid your eyes from looking harsh, and instantly makes your eyes more summer friendly. It offers the perfect amount of smoke, using colors such as brown, blue, and silver black. Finish off with a single coat of mascara, and you’re set the rest of the day!

Use Waterproof Cream Shadows

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Instead of powder eyeshadows, you should consider filling your summer eye collection with waterproof cream shadows. These you can easily apply to your lids with your finger and can add a little metallic on top for a more fun look. Glossy lids are in the season, so don’t be afraid to try it out yourself! If you don’t have any cream shadows and want to save money, you can simply create your own by mixing a powder eyeshadow with vaseline.

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