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How to Prepare for Black Friday


It’s about that time again! Black Friday is such an exciting yet overwhelming event. You can get the best deals and c’mon who doesn’t love a sale? I know I do. Here are some ways on how to prepare for Black Friday its hectic events preparing for this crazy and hectic event on November 23rd.

Black Friday – Make a Budget

Source: iGrad

Write down all your needs and wants. If you have been saving up for something maybe this is the best time to get it. Give yourself price ranges for different categories of products to help stick within your budget. Try to think of things that are necessities first so you can splurge on your wants later. Invest in things that will benefit you long term, like an AC, refrigerator, microwave, dishwasher,  or chinaware. Keep in mind the items that are usually never on sale so you can save your money and budget to buy it during Black Friday sales. This is a great time to start holiday shopping for friends and family too!

Check Advertisements

It’s never too early to start searching which stores are going to have Black Friday deals. You can find great sales in places you don’t typically shop so keep your options open. Check out Black Friday websites in advance for the promotions that stores are having that day. We love a steal and I bet you do too! So keep an eye out for Black Friday advertisements and write down some stores you want to go to. This is a one day sale so you wouldn’t want to waste time going to a store and finding out they are not offering Black Friday deals. Ain’t no nobody got time for that.

Start Shopping on Thanksgiving

Source: The New York Times

After stuffing your face at the dinner table on Thanksgiving, how about burning some calories by shopping for some great deals! Some deals don’t even wait to start on Black Friday and begin on Thanksgiving night. Prepare for Black Friday by researching which stores offer promotions earlier than others so you can snag them first!

Download Apps for Extra Savings

You may find extra coupons on store apps that you can apply to your purchase. Start downloading apps for your favorite stores so you can stay in the loop! While you’re waiting on line to purchase your items try looking at the App Store to see if there are any additional promos. There may be exclusive or hidden deals on these apps that are not publicly advertised.

Prepare to Stand in Line

Source: The Journal

Everyone is trying to get the best deals at the same time so be prepared to stand on line for a while. Consider some good music and comfortable sneakers to help the time pass by. You should also keep hydrated. Make sure you bring a portable charger for your phone. If you don’t have one, maybe now it’s the best time to find one.

Stay Away from Impulse Shopping

With all the discounts surround you, it’s easy to want everything. Try not buying things you don’t need. You will not stay within your budget and will be spending more than you wanted. When buying things on impulse, most of the time you regret it because you didn’t take the time to decide if you actually need it or you want it. Do some window shopping first so you have time to think.

Check Store Hours

Source: U.S. News 

Check opening and closing times for stores so you can utilize your time to shop. Some stores open early and some store close later. Wouldn’t you be upset if you got so caught up shopping that next store you wanted to check out was closing? Or wouldn’t you be excited to to see your favorite store is opening up really early? Know before you go.

Bring a Shopping Companion

No one likes shopping alone so bring someone with you for support. They can help with keeping you on track and carrying your purchases. Bring your mom, friend, or boyfriend but you will probably want to keep the little ones at home. You will have too much to focus on and kids will be a handful in a busy environment.

Prepare the Day Prior

You will be out all day grabbing the best deals so make sure you have a restful night before. Pack food because you will get hungry from shopping all day. Try to pack light with a bottle of water, sandwich, and same grapes. You don’t want to pack something heavy like the leftovers from Thanksgiving. Prepare food that can energize you like a protein bar. Coffee might be your best friend too!

Shop Online

Source: Chamaripa

Some of the best deals can be found online so check in advance. If you don’t want to get caught up in the crowds or can’t find what you looking for in store, check company websites. If you didn’t know, you can also find deals online on Cyber Monday on November 26th.

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