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How to Stay Motivated in Summer


Yay summer! Beaches, BBQs, pools, boating, boardwalks, carnivals and so much more to do. But there is still work, studies, exercise, errands, and more things to also take care of. We understand how hard it can be to stay motivated in Summer when the choice is a smoothie by the pool or writing an English paper for an online class. But don’t worry Faviana girl, we have some tips to keep you motivated.

Improve your Diet

motivated in summer faviana diet

Diet may not be too much of a challenge. Summer means lots of fresh fruit, garden vegetables, and freshly caught fish. Lunches and dinners may be lighter, more colorful, and even tastier this time of the year. Go easy on the ice cream and funnel cakes and you’ve got this one— remember that the most important thing is to be and feel healthy and comfortable in your own skin.


motivated in summer faviana exercise

This is a great time to get out of the gym! Skip the treadmill and get on a bike, or instead of using the indoor track try doing loops around a park. It’s true that sometimes the heat zaps our motivation, but think about how much better you will feel once you are done.

There are those who enjoy a lunchtime walk but don’t want to feel like they need a shower after completing it. If that’s you, try walking early in the day before the sun hits. Maybe find a group doing yoga in the park, being in contact with nature might make you feel lighter. Still too hot? Take ice skating classes, or do something to stay active that you’ve never tried before! If you prefer the A/C, then you might want to stay in your good old regular gym. Reward yourself with a cold glass of fruit infused water, or a healthy low-fat smoothie. 

Do Your School Work

If you want to stay on top of your school game, try doing some of your work during the summer. The best grade possible should be motivation enough, but if it isn’t, try setting up a work plan and ways to celebrate yourself as things get done. Get in an hour of reading before going to the beach. Rain in the forecast? Outline your papers or projects in advance. Then when the rain comes, get your hustle on. Treat yourself to a charcoal face mask or a pedicure when you finish. Or even a little Netflix binge and a nap.

Organize Your Chores

motivated in summer faviana chores
May Busch

Are you used to doing your errands, shopping, and cleaning during the weekend? Make a bucket list of the things you really want to be doing during summer weekends. Then, make a list of the stuff you need to get done. Put the list on your phone and check it every day, doing the things you have to do during the weekdays and the things you want to do during the weekends. Plan to do one or two things each day so you can free up the weekend and make the most of your summer. Road trips, hiking, and your aunt’s summer hammock await!

Catch up with Friends

You probably don’t’ need much motivation to catch up with friends, but make it fun. Like when you were a Girl Scout. Start up a campfire and have a smores party! (I know this one is a bit adverse to the diet motivation, but hey, you can always take an extra evening walk!)

Still not sure? Remember that Summer only lasts for about 12 weeks.  If that isn’t enough motivation to manage time and enjoy the season, I don’t know what it is!


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