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Internship Fashion: Summer Edition


Congratulations! You’ve successfully gotten an internship for the summer. You have proven yourself professionally, but now you may need some help with your everyday look for the office. Your wardrobe will be based on your company’s dress code. Don’t stress! Here at the Faviana office, we have used our own interns as an example to show off the best of internship fashion. Each intern has a unique personal style which will give you an idea of how to dress for your internship! We’ve asked them several questions regarding their advice on internships as well!

Business Casual Summer Internship

Business casual is a bit more toned down than the traditional business attire but still appropriate. It makes the employees look professional, yet comfortable. The go-to’s for this dress code are skirts or dresses at an appropriate length, nice shirt or blouse with pants, and sweaters. Try to steer clear of jeans and casual t-shirts!

Here is our Public Relations Intern, Kayleigh. She attends FIT and majors in advertising and marketing communications with a minor in  Italian language. She keeps it simple with her rustic orange dress and Call It Spring Platforms. This look is perfect for those hot summer days, especially in the city!

What is your role at Faviana?                                                                                                Public Relations Intern

What would you say your style is?                                                                                                  I would say my style is New York minimalistic. I wear a lot of dark and neutral colors.

Where do you shop?                                                                                                                          I shop mostly at Zara.

What is your rule of thumb for an outfit to be worn at your internship?

I always like to make sure that I am dressed appropriately according to the office dress code while still incorporating my own sense of style.

But, it really all depends on the office vibe. I interned in an office where I would go in wearing a t-shirt, jeans, and converse because I would have to be running around doing errands all day. At Faviana, since I meet with a lot of our clients for dress pulls, I like to be stylish and dress up a bit more.

What is one thing you think every girl should know about a summer internship?Summer internships are a great way to be able to focus on gaining “real world” knowledge and experience because most likely you aren’t taking any classes during the summer that could get in the way of you giving an internship your 100%.So, my advice would be to treat every day at your internship like you’re on a job interview. Always being attentive and willing to go the extra mile on any given task is key!

One zany fun fact about yourself?                                                                                                  I’ve traveled to over 15 cities around Europe!

This is Carly our Blogging Intern here at Faviana. Carly attends the University of Maryland and is a Communications Major. Carly keeps her look business casual with a plain white tee, navy blue leather skirt from Zara, and orange Tory Burch flats. She completes her outfit with a statement necklace from Israel when she visited a few summers back.

What is your role at Faviana?                                                                                                          I’m the blog intern and my title is technically the Managing Editor of the blog. I edit blogs sent to me by other interns and also write a lot of the blog posts you read. I also launched and am in charge of maintaining the Glam & Gowns Instagram! Go follow it @glamandgowns!

What would you say your style is?                                                                                             My style is different every day and can go from  more edgy to boho depending on the day. I definitely like what is “trendy”, but really if I like it I’ll wear it. My favorite things are leather, faux fur, off the shoulder tops, and denim anything (but probably none of these together).

Where do you shop?                                                                                                                          I shop everywhere, too. I love love love Zara and don’t have it where I live so I go a little crazy when I’m in a city that has it, like NYC. I also love Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Top Shop, and smaller boutiques.

What is your rule of thumb for an outfit to be worn at your internship?                                I don’t necessarily have a rule but I definitely try to wear appropriate things and try to stay away from t-shirts and jeans. I mainly wear dresses and skirts which I find comfortable so I don’t mind wearing. I love the freedom a business casual dress code gives us but I still try to look as cute and nice as possible.

What is one thing you think every girl should know about a summer internship?             It’s a lot of work! It’s tiring but so rewarding. Take in everything you learn and do your best. I definitely recommend them to anyone because it’s such good experience, especially at Faviana. I’m a sophomore which is kind of young for having an internship, especially moving to the city for one, but I’m so happy I did it.

And give me one zany fun fact about yourself?                                                                         I’m from the beach!

Business Formal Summer Internship

This is a lot more formal than business casual. Think pantsuits, dresses, and skirts at or below the knee. Look as polished as you can!

This is Noura our Videography Intern. Noura attends Pace University and has a dual degree in acting for film, television, voice-overs, and commercials, and business for business management with a focus in entrepreneurship. She is the video guru when it comes to video directing and editing for commercial, promotional videos, and Vlog posts.

What is your role at Faviana?                                                                                                          I am the videography intern at Faviana. I work on all video content including commercials, promos, and our vlog.

What would you say your style is?                                                                            Comfortable chic. A lot of the time I’m wearing superhero T-shirts, so when it comes to professional looks I try to be as comfortable as I can while still rocking appropriate clothing.   

Where do you shop?                                                                                                                   Ehh, Macys, Hot Topic, Lee Lee’s Forest and Amazon! 

What is your rule of thumb for an outfit to be worn at your internship?                   Always wear something of color. For me, I keep on my peach ring at all times. It’s fun to have at least a little something that shows off your inner self.

What is one thing you think every girl should know about a summer internship?         It’s okay to ask questions. You’re there to learn!

And give me one zany fun fact about yourself?                                                                           I collect comic books and have multiple superhero cosplays.

Paige is our Vlog Intern at Faviana. She is a graduate student at LIM College. Her look is more business formal however, she still keeps it fresh for summer. Her black fringe dress from Ralph Lauren pairs nicely with her hot pink neck scarf from Italy. Her sparkly summer sandals are from Zara. And to keep her more formal look fun she layers rings and bracelets.

What is your role at Faviana?                                                                                                   Paige is the “Editor-in-Chief” or Vlog Intern at Faviana. She creates content for both the vlog (which will be coming soon, stay tuned) and the blog. She also keeps an eye on the Faviana’s Youtube channel.

What would you say your style is?                                                                                      

Classy Boho Chic? If that’s even a thing. I like to pair timeless pieces with not so traditional accessories. It makes it fun. I’ve really been on a thrift kick, and NYC has some great thrift stores. Trends always come back as Iris Apfel says (my fashion icon).

Where do you shop?                                                                                                                 Good question! I shop almost anywhere there are clothes in trend. I love little boutiques that have those one of a kind pieces, but my real obsession is accessories. You can really create some amazing outfits with some great shoes and jewelry.

What is your rule of thumb for an outfit to be worn at your internship?                           I’m very old school. So knee length everything. No spaghetti straps. You make impressions wherever you go, and it’s imperative to leave a good impression at work.

What is one thing you think every girl should know about a summer internship?      Don’t stress. You’ll always have struggles, but if you approach everything with a positive vibe, you’ll be much better off! I used to go into internships thinking the company expected me to know everything and get stressed about what was expected of me. Your higher ups are here to help you grow and learn about what you do and don’t like in that industry. Internships are where you learn about what you are really passionate about.

And give me one zany fun fact about yourself?                                                                           I love when people clap in unison. Slow claps especially.

We hope we helped give you inspiration for your internship outfit or just gave you a fun peek into Faviana. Show us your best internship look by tagging us on our blog’s Instagram @glamandgowns, and Faviana’s Instagram @Faviana_NY or Twitter @FavianaNY!


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