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How to Make Your Manicure Last for Prom


You know how to make your makeup last, but what about how to make your manicure last? Most of you aren’t getting your prom nails done the day of, and even then there’s still time to smudge, chip, or break them. Here we show you exactly how to make your manicure last for prom!

Make Your Manicure Last with Prep

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Prepping your nails is key to make your manicure last, before even getting them done. First things first, shape and file them. If you soak your nails and then file, the nails will split and tear, which will cause chipping and peeling of the nail polish. That’s why it’s important to create a perfectly smooth base with help from a buffer. Additionally, you should consider cutting your nails short. If your nails aren’t physically touching as many surfaces, it will reduce the risk of them snagging on objects and chipping with daily activities.

Make Your Manicure Last with Cleaning

After your nails are prepped, you should also clean them with an astringent before polishing. A good lathering with soap and water or nail polish remover will clear away any old polish and grime, which will ensure that your new color is shown. Additionally, any excess oil on your nails will prevent the polish from sticking by creating a barrier, and can result in it chipping quickly. Therefore, you should use a cotton swab to wipe down your nail beds with acetone or white vinegar before applying the base coat.

Make Your Manicure Last with Base Coat

When choosing a base coat, use a sticky base coat or rubberized one to make the polish last longer. You want to apply two base coat layers: one on the top half of your nail, and one over the entire nail. The tips of your nails are extra important since they’re more prone to chipping with typing and texting, so they need extra polish resilience.

Make Your Manicure Last with Polish

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After your base coat is applied, it’s time for the nail polish! Grab your nail color, and instead of shaking the bottle, roll it between your hands. This not only warms up the polish so it’ll spread more easily, but it prevents air bubbles. If you paint air bubbles onto your nails, they’ll chip faster, which we don’t want. When you begin to paint, it’s better to apply multiple thin coats instead of one thick one. A thick coat of nail polish will only dry at the top layer, leaving your manicure prone to smudges. You also want to avoid getting any nail polish on your cuticles, since this lifts the paint from the nail and leads to chipping. Just like the base coat, run the paint and topcoat around the edge to ensure your entire nail is sealed.

Make Your Manicure Last with Drying

Once your polish is applied, it’s essential to dry your nails with cool air. Hot air actually keeps the polish from drying, so use a dryer or fan on its cool setting. If the air is humid outside, wait extra long for your nails to dry, since this can put dents in your nails if they’re still wet. It’s good to use a quick-dry polish, nail spray, or PAM oil spray to set your manicure and prevent smudges in the process.

Make Your Manicure Last with Aftercare

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There’s many things you can do to make your manicure last after they’re done. Start by reapplying a layer of clear topcoat every two to three days to prevent chipping and enhance the shine. When washing your hand, make sure you use mild soap and warm water. Hand sanitizer and hot water dry out your nails and ruin the topcoat. If you plan on washing dishes or dealing with any chemicals, wear gloves to protect your manicure! For extra moisture, you can also use a nail oil or lotion to prevent your nails from drying out, breaking, and splitting.

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